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Personal Effects in house


Unfortunately, most of the stuff you can get retail, high end or low, is so similar (trendy), massed produced and marketed that a huge slice of society buys it. It’s all so very faddish and there are so many lemmings among us who cherish the thought of being a part of the giant consumerist tribe. Yet they still think they can end up with independent originality and authenticity or something different even (?) in their interior designs. (!)

The above is why I hardly go retail shopping for stuff, I get my stuff by making or building it, on Craigslist, at 2nd hand stores, and ebay generally. If you look on those sites also you will learn by finding so much that you don’t like, it actually pops out at ya’ when you see an item that just has a different (distinctive-desireable- unique) self. Dpfromva I liked your comment, conumdrum. this just my 2 c Jbk


@dpfromva I think that’s what the matrix from Gilmore and Pine was trying to define. Authentic is either true to your values or does what it says it does or ideally both.

@gypsy I think you are right in saying there is a consumerist tribe. Currently this tribe is driven by hipster raw wood and roofing sheet style bars. This will move on to neon and stainless steel again at some point. But the origins of style I think are the artisans. As the early adopters change into late adoption the authenticity fades because it is being adopted by people who are not true to themselves rather they are copying another’s values.

We have a hipster style bar near us that has all the vintage stuff. I think fails because it does not feel true to his values. I chatted to my partner about this. We concluded that in this fellas case it was unlikely that he would have used these furnishings in his own home…

When I show the marvel themed room in Melbourne in my article it strikes me the person who has done this REALLY likes marvel comics. I suspect you would only know this for sure by going there… Or reading the reviews


Your place is super charming. The only real thing I see is that the wall of art is poorly hung. Rehang, tightening up a lot…the two equal size paintings together one over other, the 3 smaller stacked largest on bottome whch should line with bottom of first two and the last alone frame lining up with upper ones. These should be 4 inches apart.
Tighten up the hanging and it will change the whole feel of the wall from granny to modern.
I am sure there are things online which can explain this better than I can.
And ignore people like Mark…you are providing a cosy cottage, not a hip London granite and leather-clad flat. These people are ridiculous.
All your other reviews are glowing, so you must be doing something right!

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