People in listing photos? Other ideas?

Just started a new listing two weeks ago, but for some reason our pageview numbers are absolutely dismal! We are ranking nowhere near the top pages for our area (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo). There are so many competing listings. We’ve gone all out on the interiors to try to differentiate, but really need to stand out from the crowd to get that first click on the search page.

In a previous listing, we had a photo of a great-looking garden space that helped bring in views. Not possible for this one, unfortunately!
What would you say if we have a model friend pose in the room for a few tasteful photos that match our target market and decor? I rarely see people in Airbnb photos, so if there was a smiling person in the main listing photo I would probably click it out of curiosity.

NO!! No smiling people! I think you posted this on the Facebook group and I suggested less starfish and more Japan. Now how about that trip to daiso?!!:rofl::rofl:

Ps?. You could get some inexpensive antique kimono and use those for wall hangings? I found gorgeous vintage kimono jackets in Kyoto for only 2000.

Haha! So that was you!

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Seriously it looks really nice and clean. I would stay there next time!

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Very pretty ~ it all looks sooo delicate.

(Sorry, I don’t have any suggestions or recommendations for improvement.)

Which little icons?? If it is something technical I can’t help. You may want to ask @tom2

OK. I had a row of icons appear and was able to erase them back to the “basics” except that the little heart is gone and must’ve flown off to parts unknown.

Marketing 101:
What do you think is the strongest selling point of your listing?
You say there are many competitors, so why do you think your place is better than the others?

Make that your first picture.

Hi, had a look at your place and it is lovely but what struck me is it lacked any indication it was in Japan, it could be a place in Western Europe or the US. If I were coming to Japan I would want something more authentic. Hope this helps.

I find listings where the headline photo is a straight view of the bed not very enticing … after all, I know there’s going to be a bed! I would use the third photo of the overall room which gives me a much better idea of the space, as does number 9. Models in photos? I’ve seen it done very nicely, but usually larger places directed towards families (smiling blonde kids playing board games - ha! if only …) I don’t think in this case that the model would add anything in particular. And I’m unlike the other posters in that I can see the subtle japanese touches in the books and china and wouldn’t want any OTT “japanese-ishness”, in the same way I’m not going to put flamenco posters on the wall in my Spanish apartment!

You seem to be doing pretty well in page views as far as I can see - maybe you just need to give it a bit more time …

Beautiful listing. Since you mention the location and proximity to numerous tourist sites, perhaps you could include photos of the sites? I’ve seen that done quite often on listings. Just make sure you state the distance to the sites in the photos so people aren’t expecting all of them to be there as they exit the building!

Make sure to include lots of pictures of the details. I found close ups of the small things helped make people feel confident.