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Pending vertification

Hi I notice there is a pending verification on one of my dates this month. However i havent received any message from a potential guest saying theyre trying to book. Does this mean my date is blocked, until / if they decide to book?

Interesting. I think that is something new. I would imagine they are just trying to tell you that you will get a new inquiry as soon as the person is verified. Personally I am glad they are ID verifying. Makes it much harder, if not impossible, for the losers, flakes and clods who have received bad reviews to ope a fake account under another name.

I’m half half, i like the fact there’s another potential booking, but dont like the fact it has blocked a date if someone else wanted to book at the same time, who didnt have to wait to be verified:0

Are you positive it is blocked? You must have Instant Book turned on.

yeah i have instant book on…i dont think they should be allowed to book unless verified already…annoying…

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I don’t do IB but I think that is something you can turn on? That they must be verified to book?

yea you can turn the IB on or off. usually if someone’s having probs verifying they send me a message. Maybe the system is just slow, it was completely down earlier. (I’m in Ireland)

I think verification will be required whether there is IB or not. Would love to visit Ireland! Saw it featured on the last season of the Bachelorette and immediately put it on my bucket list! :smile:

if youre somewhere sunny we can swap…I’m fed up with rain haha

Hawaii! But ahh all that rain is what makes those hills so green!

Hawaii!!! Are you kidding me!! That is on my bucket list!! Cant wait to hula! ha!

The grass is always greener on the other side :wink:

It’s done nothing but rain in Hawaii for months! Almost the whole summer!

Oh no, I may have to reconsider lol

I posted about this a few weeks back when it happened to me.
It means someone is yet to have their ID VERIFIED.
Until they do, they may not be able to book, so while it may or may not appear on your calendar as pending booking, you won’t actually see the inquiry/ reservation come in to your inbox until their ID is verified.

So it kind of leaves you in suspense!

Cheers for your reply. I dont like the thought of it being blocked, if they mess around getting verified. However I looked today and the date it isnt even pending verification and its open again! Maybe they decided it was too much hassle;)

Turn off IB. And you won’t have it happen. I think their new rule with IB is that the guest has to be verified, so in theory it’s to protect YOU! :slight_smile:

I don’t have instant book and it happened to me!

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I thought all guests had to be verified anyway, before booking? I like it, but dont like the blocking bit.

AQ, that makes no sense. Why on earth would they block off a host’s calendar! Are you positive they did that?

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