Pending Reviews & Superhost assessments

Hey all, quick question.

Just hosted a long stay. They checked out and left me a review on Sept 30th. I haven’t reviewed them yet as I need some more time to regroup after their stay (they were super disrespectful, uncommunicative and I’m still cleaning up the suite). I’m pretty sure the incoming review will be a bad one. A bad review doesn’t bother me but I’m wondering what the consequences will be. This will be the 4th superhost assessment and I want to get that $100 travel credit! LOL

This last period ended October 1 and now I wait to see if I get Superhost status again.

Does anyone know if a pending review is factored in the Superhost assessment?

I just spoke to Air about this, oddly enough. They will complete assessments approx 10 days after the last day of the month. So all reviews completed by that time count. That is the info I received anyway.


@Icklemiss good to know. Do you know if pending reviews are considered completed even if they aren’t published yet?

From the information I received, I took it as every guest review even though not published counts. So if they completed it on Oct 1, it will count towards the next assessment. If completed by the 30th, it would count towards this one.

Pending assessment

Assessment ends: Oct 14, 2019

We’ll let you know if you’ve received Superhost status after the assessment period has ended.

Here’s to you, Letti! You’re a Superhost, and have unlocked extra rewards and recognition. The next assessment date is Jan 01, 2020.

The above is what my site reads. They already gave me Superhost because all my guests that checked out in September have already left reviews. They will wait until your September 30th guests review is published before you will be evaluated.

The Airbnb website says the Superhost assessment takes up to 14 days. I actually figured that is because guests have 14 days to leave a review, so they have to wait until all of the reviews from the assessment period are in before assigning the status, otherwise, they could do it with a computer in a millisecond.

Mine have completed in 9 or 10 days, but not because they were waiting that long for reviews to come in.


Everything up to and including Sept 30 factors in. That’s why, if you had someone checkout on the 30th, you won’t see your SH outcome until October 14.


@DozerPug @LiveOakVineyard @Brian_R170

So… there’s no need to hold out on my review for these guests? :confused:

Nope not a single reason…

@LiveOakVineyard BAH! Okay lol


Yes there is:

If it’s a negative review, you don’t want it on your profile any longer than necessary. If you write your review 10 days early then their review comes onto your profile 10 days early and in that 10 days it’s possible that review will have an effect on your bookings. There’s no reason to write your review any sooner than than the 14 days if you think you are going to receive a bad one.


@JJD fantastic advice and good to know. thank you.

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