Pending payment

I had a guest inquire last week about a 28 day stay. He couldn’t commit to booking it until tomorrow and and I told him it was first come first serve and we’ll see if it’s available on Monday.

Now I have another guest who inquired about a 28 day stay. I approved her booking but she is now “pending payment” and tells me she can’t get her payment organized until tomorrow. I also told her it was first come first serve.

However now I realized the calendar is now blocked for 24 hours for her pending payment. Can guy #1 override her if he tries to book tomorrow morning and has his payment ready to go? Alternatively, will I get penalized for cancelling person #2 if their payment is still pending and he is ready to book? I can call CS to ask, but wondered if the experts here might know better?

Guest 1 can’t over ride Guest 2
Yes you will be penalised for cancellation, as this was not under instant book

Plus, I’m usually a bit leery of guests who have trouble getting their payment together.

Good luck!

My current 16 day stay is going pretty well.

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Did you do things differently for the “food in the bedroom” problem, or is your run of inconsiderate guests over? :blush:

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that was for @casailinglady

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Fingers crossed, thanks for asking. We shall see as it’s early days yet with the 16 day stay. Then 2 1/2 weeks with a repeat guest who is lovely, so that will be easy and take me through April and the very beginning of May.

I would definitely be leery of a guest who said they couldn’t pay for a couple of days and asked me to hold the dates for them or anything like that.

But to be fair, guests sometimes have problems with the site accepting their payment method. I’ve read posts from frustrated guests who were ready to pay, and their perfectly good credit card kept getting rejected, so they tried 2 other valid cards only to have the same thing happen. They even checked with their credit card company to make sure the payment wasn’t somehow being blocked on their end. Maybe the guests were doing something wrong that was resulting in that, but it didn’t seem so- some were experienced guests who’d never had a payment issue before.