Pays weekly LONG term - 1st ever guest said: "I don't do reviews."

We just joined like a week and a half ago, and as many newbies we started with price on the low end (I’d searched and looked at others in our area) and I did all of the prep work and cleaning and got spare keys, etc. It was kinda a joke that I even listed… we live in the middle of nowhere. (I plan to boost the fee after 1st leaves, lol.)

So, first guest… …now we’re basically renting out the spare bedroom, extra bathroom, shared space kitchen and living rooms, week by week b/c he doesn’t know end work date, as if it were an apartment, for really cheap, to this one man who was basically sent to the area, for contractor type of work, out of state. (He had originally requested 10 days, but upon meeting him he informed us that he didn’t like the framework of the site, and wanted to pay in cash. After discussing with him and my husband, we came to agreement that we would go through the site for 1st week and then 2nd week, and if he wants to stay longer then he could pay us in cash after that, all at the same rate as when he 1st found listing at 20/night.

Okay, I’ve kept the area really clean and even washed and dried and re-made the bed he’s been sleeping in. (did this when he left for his night work) He’s staying longer (at that cheap apartment type of rate, and paying per a week). He mostly does his own food but I’ve shared or offered several things. (He like the pancake last Saturday and the homemade waffles today!) So, then I noticed his hamper was quite full so I washed, dried and folded his laundry too. …and left them on the bed… didn’t touch the dresser drawers he is using.

I shoveled all 4" of freaking snow from around his vehicle and super-salted and sanded the driveway, and politely listened to his stories about how hard it was to get us the driveway (slight incline) the night that we had a 1/10" of ice on everything and his “I’d never seen snow like this one…” (I grew up in the south, so empathy and a little chuckle…) and his stories about how little or how much somebody else charged him.

We set the starting rates so low to try to get good ratings and reviews. but this man (our first guest!) told me yesterday that he doesn’t do reviews. I showed him his profile, where he had 3 reviews from previous hosts and he said he didn’t know those were there. Today I was prompted through the site’s app to leave him a review and I did leave him a very nice one, 5 stars and polite feedback, then sent him special offer for next week.

Especially with him wanting to stay in our home, long term, extra bedroom, bathroom, use of kitchen, living room, etc.

… is it wrong for me to EXPECT him to leave a review and a rating?! (I politely suggested it on his “feedback”)

Airbnb already says we’re “at risk” because we had a person last week ask us to cancel his booking after we didn’t realize we had instant book setting turned on, and had already been messaging this other person for same dates.

What would you suggest?!

Annoying but you can’t force a guest to leave a review, all you can do is hope he leaves you one after you’ve asked him nicely. Don’t push it though - no review at all is much better than a bad one, which could cripple you so early on.


So, just continue being polite and let him stay as long as he wants? He said it could be 2 weeks, could be 2 months. Can I add on cleaning fees? I figure don’t change anything, haha. (I did all that stuff I said because he’s new and 1st week, but I do plan to teach him to use a snow shovel before he drives back to Alabama, haha.) He’s tidy, but I’m still cleaning up more than I would if not hosting.

Oh and I’m good at listening to people’s stories… LOL… I told him a couple days ago that I’m deaf. (I talk normally, but lost ALL normal hearing 10 years ago, and I have an auditory brainstem implant, which has on/off button.)

I’d suggest setting a cut off for his stay. He’s a lot of work for poor return, in the meantime your new listing boost will stop and you have lost that advantage.

at what? a month?

I did add a listing for the twin day-bed and couch in the living room, lol… nobody has tried to book it, yet, though. (had someone earlier today try to book the bedroom for 1 night, tonight, as the guest hadn’t confirmed yet, but I had to reject it and messaged them to communicate, sent special offer for other room, but never heard back.)

Oh no don’t let him stay as long as he wants. Tell him you’re terminating the reservation after his current week is up, just say you’ve decided you want to keep to week-long maximum stays (even if that’s not true)


I am a bit confused [stomach flu so brain is addled.] How long has this person been in your space? How much of that time was through AirBNB?

8 days i guess, so far, 4 of which was through the site, rest was cash. He just booked the next 7 days at the same cheap rate that listing 1st opened at. (which was initially a joke, since we live in a very rural area.)

So have you left a review for him already? Technically he checked out 4 days ago. You only get 14, as you probably know. That would be my limit– 13 days. Then again, I don’t need the income from one room to make rent/mortgage, or anything else.

I don’t know… we would have to discuss it. I’ll make sure he does his own snow shoveling next time (He was looking out the window towards driveway, when i came in, so maybe he learned from watching), and I told him where the gray bucket of ice melt is at the top of driveway. He has washed his own dishes since day 1, which i appreciate. But, still… never intended to start an apartment.

no, due to a mix up on day 1, he started with cash, booked 4 which ended today. I’m looking for new job too, just set this up to do on the side.

…I’m gonna hit the sack. might be on tomorrow.

Honestly who is in charge here? YOU! Right? YOU?

It’s your house. your rules. You can and should tell this guy to hit the road. He’s been there long enough and you are doing way too much for him. His laundry? Are you being serious? Is he looking for a mama to cut his meat for him too? :smiley: just teasing you now, but seriously. I hope when you did extend his stay with cash you made him sign a lease agreement, because if not, he has now become a regular long term tenant entitled to due process such as notice and eviction through the courts if it comes to that. We’ve heard horror stories about guests just like this. They become squatters because you invited them into your house without confirming exactly what kind of business arrangement you have with this person.

Once you went off the platform you lost all your protections such as the insurance. It’s not really worth the 3% you had to pay to lose it either. The 3% really does buy you a lot. Never ever go off the platform unless you are really prepared for a regular long term tenant. I would say that should bother you a lot more than if he leaves a review or not. It might even be a bad one. Well, she cleaned my room, but it wasn’t once a week like I preferred, or she shoveled my snow but her salt ruined my car. She made waffles when I wanted pancakes! One star! I can see it now.

Please… Get rid of this guy. He doesn’t get to tell YOU how long you will let him stay. Tell him when he has to leave . And give him a day. He has to be out and a time. You have another guest checking in. And even if you really don’t, you do. :wink:


I hafta say that as a new host you’re making some serious mistakes.

First and foremost is going outside the AirBnb system with this guest. That can get you kicked off AirBnb. If he didn’t like the “framework of the site” you should have declined him right then and there, called AirBnb, and reported him.

Now that he’s “off the framework”, if the guy decides to trash your place in some way shape or form, it also leaves you without any support network

Second is doing this guy’s laundry – at all. Not to mention walking into his space and checking out his laundry hamper – he could claim you stole something from him, and you have no AirBnb support since according to them, he “left” a long time ago. You should, at the very least, have offered to do his laundry for a fee comparable to that of the nearest laundromat.

My feeling is he’s taking you to the cleaners for you cheap lodgings. You had no need to lower your base price just to snag a first guest, unless you’re horrifically desperate for the money; likewise you should never have gone outside Air because you were afraid of losing his business.

You need to tell this guy that the party is over and that you want him gone at the end of the current week.


He knew from the beginning that my crappy old computer is set up in the corner of that room, but I just use my husband’s computer in different room, if the guest is here. So, he knows I go in there when he’s gone.

I thought the whole point of this this like a home / hotel not a cheap apartment! I already doubled the fees after this week. And my husband agreed to and tried to talk me Inot the whole cash pay idea, saying that we would make more, blah blah blah. I insisted on using the Air for 1st and 2ND week then “we’ll see”… and no he’s not signed anything, so we’re probably screwed. :confused:

Oh dear. Well just think about the money. He is the one saving. Not you. The 3% is super nominal. And by giving that up, you’ve potentially lost protections Air can give you such as the insurance and deposit.

Okay, I bet it is going to be okay. Just tell him you need him to leave by xx date as you have a new guest checking in. If he looks at Airbnb and calls you on it, say it’s another platform or craiglsit. Probably he is not smart enough to know he’s entitled to due process. Of course don’t tell him. Try giving him the exit date. Be firm and don’t let him push you around. Simply say you have another guest.

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Yeah, he even asked why we provided the soap, shampoo, towels, etc… I’m like “wtf?!.. well, Air kinda suggested it and we had extras so put them in there…”

I thought the whole point of this this like a home / hotel not a cheap apartment! Air suggested a base fee when I set it up, so I just went with a pinch higher, since I’d never done this before.

I already doubled the fees after this week. And my husband agreed to and tried to talk me Into the whole cash pay idea, saying that we would make more, blah blah blah. I insisted on using the Air for 1st and 2ND week then “we’ll see”… and no he’s not signed anything, so we’re probably screwed. :confused:

Well, it can be whatever you want it to be. Just be firm or guests will walk all over you.

Look. I am a substitute teacher. I learned my first week of teaching I realized had to take control the class from minute one. They told us in sub training that if you didn’t have a plan for the class, they would have a plan for you.

Guests are like kindergarteners. You must tell them what you expect of them before class starts for the day otherwise they will do what they want and run amok.

Your air rental can be whatever you want. You certainly don’t want to be waiting on a guest practically staying for free, do you?

You are renting a room, not waiting on a guest hand and foot, so repeat after me!

I will not do guest laundry.
I will not shovel guest snow around their car
I will not allow the guest to tell me how long he will stay or how he will pay.
I will never go outside the platform, not until I am a super experienced host and have lease agreements in place for the guest to sign, making sure these have been vetted by an attorney first.
I will take charge of this rental, here and now, or continue to suffer the consequences!

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The idea of Airnb is short term rentals. Long term rental are a huge problem as people can be weird. You think you are making more with him, but you don’t know your markets. Airnb suggested prices are too low, the fact that this guy agreed to double is a huge clue that you are underpricing. The other thing is you have no backup if the guy decides to trash your place or stay without paying. You make more money when you turn over and have new guests. Then there is the problem of this guy being demanding re the driveway and who knows what else’s next week.
I’d also move all personal stuff out of room you are renting, guests prefer a blank slate and no hosts popping in, and then there is the risk of them damaging or taking your things.
I know it hard to confront people, just be matter of fact and give him 3. To 7 days notice.


Use the review as a carrot for his further stay.
Indicate you need him to leave review. He wants to continue staying there right?