Paypal or direct transfer

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I am setting up my profile and I’m not sure if I should configure Paypal or direct transfer. Also - If I go for paypal, should I go for personal or business account?

Personal! You’ll get charged for business!
But I would recommend direct. When I switched to direct, I noticed Air paid me within a few hours of guest check in, less than 12, rather than 24 and longer. Consistently, it’s always paid about 2am via direct and with PayPal I’ve waited sometimes 40 hours after check in to get paid.

Love the quick direct payment and not sure why they do it. It could be that I’m in Hawaii… ?

A vote for direct also. I do have ‘some’ of it send to my Payoneer Card however.

I find direct deposit better. Doesn’t Paypal charge a fee?

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Not for Air…but it might if he gets a business account.

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I know that paypal has monthly maximums you can transfer to your own bank account. And I don’t like the added step of having to transfer to my bank. But if you had a cleaning lady or other people to pay, paypal may be your best bet. But if 100% is going to you (like it does for me), direct transfer is the quickest and easiest.

The timescales for direct bank transfer vary depending on where you are. I have mine transferred to my UK bank account and it usually takes about 4 days to arrive in my bank account from when the funds are released.

I’m uk too & it takes at least 4 days. Direct transfer working well for me though

I used PayPal for 18 months then changed to Direct transfer - it’s certainly quicker and you don’t have the extra step.

In the UK paypal payout is instant and direct to bank takes 3-5 business days

I have used Paypal for various ventures for several years. Only charged a fee with invoicing. I use it now for airbnb because all $ is only used for that account. It can do all of my bookkeeping for me too which is even better. Money goes in from airbnb and then I can debit as needed and add annotations later. Every receipt is automatically emailed to me.