Payout for cleaning fee

Hi All,
I’m new to Airbnb and have received my first couple of payouts, but they do not include the cleaning fees.
Each cleaning fee is $70 and I pay the cleaner directly for 2x$35 hours of cleaning.
How can I access the money from Airbnb to pay the cleaner?
Thank you for your help :smile:

Hello @Breezey

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If you have added it in as an additional charge on your listing, it seems strange you haven’t received the fee. It might be worth double checking that it is showing up on your listing as an additional charge.

The best people to help you would be Airbnb. Why not give them a call?

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Did Airbnb give you a good explanation when you called them?

With the payout from airbnb you just get a total. That total is minus their fees etc. but should include your cleaning fees.

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If you’ve received less than you were expecting, perhaps it’s the Airbnb service charge coming off your total, and not the cleaning fee.

Yes, you received the cleaning fee. The deduction is the Airbnb service fee. You can set up your cleaner as a cohost if you want to have Airbnb pay them directly. (I believe)

Thanks all :slight_smile:
I’ll give Airbnb a call as they have paid me twice, both are exactly the full amount, less 3%, less $70.
I’ll post an update.


Update: It was my mistake.
Because the money was paid into my Paypal account it was in US dollars, although I’m in Australia. The currency conversion was $70 difference. So I actually got paid the correct amount.
Thanks for your help everyone :slight_smile: