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Paying someone else to manage turnaround


I have a lady who does my changeover cleaning and bed making, but as I do live in town I pick up the dirty laundry ,do it at my house, and then meet her on the next changeover with fresh linens. So far it works for me. It takes her about 3 to 4 hours to do 3 bed house including kitchen and 2 shower rooms. I pay her £50.


My housekeeper (just her and her daughter) clean my 1200 sq ft townhouse for $75 per visit, and I use them several times per week.

They bring their own supplies but use my vacuum for hygiene purposes. I take care of vacuum maintenance when I visit the property, about once per month.

She does laundry (I supply detergent, bleach, and dryer sheets), runs the dishwasher, and will restock all amenities that I have shipped to her house directly.

BTW-found her on Craigslist of all places! I spent a week conducting interviews, checking references, and confirming insurance. My two cents-professional cleaners charge too much and sometimes cannot perform all of the tasks that we as hosts need them to do!


Thank you! I have actually found awesome jobs and roommates on Craigslist but never considered it for this need. Super helpful :slight_smile:


No problem, happy to help. Make sure you have a list of questions and discussion points when you interview them-outline all of your needs and try to have them clean for a base fee (avoid hourly rates if possible). Sometimes my cleaner is there for hours or she can be there for 45 minutes!


Agreed, I am not a fan of paying by the hour (or charging by the hour for that matter). Thanks!


You can usually comp out a cleaning service fee. They will not do the laundry and some other stuff. So see what that costs and add on a fee for laundry and dishes and the rest.


Hey @Saranah I run a free service (TurnoverBnB) that allows hosts to sync their vacation rental calendars and automatically schedule their cleaners. We have an optional field that allows hosts to display cleaning price to their cleaners. Based on our data, I’d say $60 USD is about the average most pay for their independent cleaners, but there’s a very wide spread. I suppose it depends a lot about where you are and what you’re asking them to do.



I just signed up for your turnoverbnb service and I’m SO excited about it. It is everything… and more I was looking for! I would definitely recommend this. And the great part about it…it’s free! Lots of great things about it!


@mrogers Hey Mikki, glad you like it! Feel free to message us directly if you have any questions, or suggestions for improvements.



I do have a couple of suggestions or questions. How can I message you direct?


@mrogers I can email you :grinning:



I too love turnoverbnb!!! I was having Properly pushed on me but I like how simple turnoverbnb is to use.

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