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Patronizing communication


Any one else irritated by the patronizing tone of Airbnb communication?


example? (20char)…


Oh yes, I love how even their BAD NEWS is sent with a (heart).


The email last night to “update” on where they are at with Airbnb Plus. Not at. Then telling me what I need to do to be an excellent host in the meantime. All of it is what I’ve always done pre-hosting anyway. It’s only our bedroom suite that’s a hovel, and that only post-hosting!

Patronising was the exact word I used last night, as I spluttered in rage.


The tone sounds so false to me. I picture Effie, the PR/entertainment reporter from the Hunger Games, oblivious to others pain.


Or perhaps Aunt Lydia. :laughing:


She is a great character, she makes my blood boil, i hope we learn what auntie lydia did before the world went totally potty. You always need a good ole villian. I love the concept of the programme very addictive


I’m so in love with this show!!!

I like these two dystopian embodiments of Airbnb’s communication style! One is so ditzy and surface-oriented it doesn’t notice everyone isn’t enjoying the game. The other is so sure it’s chosen the correct course and swallowed their own kool-aid… “we’re doing this for your own good, dear!”


I’ve been reading interviews with the actress. Interesting her methods for playing a twisted villain. The best villains always have a bit of conflict about their actions, I think. Yes great show, kinda dark!


NOPE, nope and nope. LOL. Just today the conclusion of the message I got from support said “I want to thank you for being a wonderful Superhost. We look forward to seeing your listing shine. Happy hosting!”

I missed that GEM of a comment first time around. I had to go back after reading your post to see if I’d missed being irritated by something. My listing is going to SHINE on like a crazy diamond. I can only laugh at their silliness.


Yes, it’s a prime example of what passes for acceptable communication in silicon valley these days. Passive-aggressive, fake, and condescending all at the same time.


Oh exactly how I feel but couldn’t find the words.


“Soon you will be leaving us for new homes, a new family. And they won’t judge you for your looks, or your clothes, or your ability to sound clever.” But they will still give you an overall score of 4 and a 3 for location.


I think Aunt Lydia was an AirBnB host who initially let her guests run all over her and came to realise that rules and discipline are needed for things to run smoothly.


What about dear old nurse Ratched?


No, I don’t feel patronised. It’s just the same pathetic, politically-friendly, ‘caring’ bollocks that is typical of corporate communications today. It’s only the online equivalent of McDonalds’ ‘have a nice day’ or the call centre’s ‘thank you for calling xxx. Your call is important to us…’

They are all nonsense. I’m immune.


Oh yeah! She was the original aunt Lydia!


Oh brother. I wouldn’t even say that to my classes of second graders. Even they would think it was silly.


I used to … now I just find it hilarious. The Husband (my co-host) and I read out the choicest bits to each other when we want a good laugh!

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