Party with over 30 extra guests

So I get this booking the night of, an emergency because 10 people were in town for a graduation and their home that they got trough ABB was not honored, ABB called me and asked if I could accommodate on short notice, it was 8pm. We keep the house pretty ready, so we were able to do it and they checked in at 10. The guest calls me at 10 and asked if it was ok to have family over after the graduation for a party and food. I said as long as they are gone by 9 pm and after 9pm only the original 10 were there that would be ok, I said no live bands or Dj, she agreed. The guest calls me the next day to complain about the billiards room floor needing to be mopped, I go over to clean the floors and when I get there they have a full on BBQ PIT parked in my drive way, like something you would see on the food network, not for a small party. I questioned them and they said it was a family friend blah blah blah. I get a call from a neighbor that it’s loud so I go by and they have 30 people there at 8, not a big deal so far, but there was a car parked in my grass. Then I go outside and there is a dj, with two big speakers on each side of his computer. They shut it down and everything turned out ok but I feel like a should have just canceled the reservation right then. I have pictures and all that, they are leaving today. What would you have done?

After reading other past topic postings, there seems to be a pattern with graduation celebrations = loud parties with numerous unauthorized guests.

The “red flag” warning-words that would prevent me from renting my guest house are:

  • Graduation
  • Birthday
  • Quinceanera
  • Batchelor party
  • College reunion
  • After-wedding gathering

If they caused any damages, take pictures and send a request for payment. I would give them a poor rating because they lied and disrupted the neighbors.


Red flags

Don’t take other people’s cancellation. Thus may have been the reason

Unless off-season, don’t take 1-day bookings, same town bookings, or same day bookings

Say no to celebration requests

Don’t allow day visitors. Ever. That is prime event fodder.

If more than max capacity shows at the door for checkin, don’t let them in. Get video doorbell

Yes you should have canceled without refund right away. Your neighbors, reputation, etc are all at risk.

Is your legal agreement solid and airtight?


My policies are airtight and have it all in text and videos. Haven’t assessed the damage yet, hopefully none!!

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I have to keep following you around @Klatchers to show opposing points of view for the sake of new or would-be hosts.

  • I have taken 1 day bookings, same town bookings and same day bookings with absolutely no problem at all.
  • I allow day visitors - always. This has never been abused.

I appreciate all posters here who try to help others and give them the benefit of their experiences. However, it’s always a good idea to let readers know that we are all just voicing our opinions here. (I’m probably as bad as anyone).

We all have different hosting styles.


And pre-wedding gathering, even simply guests attending a wedding. I learned the hard way!


I would add that we also have different posting styles:wink:


Anytime AirBNB call you with a booking is a red flag IMO as it’s usually prompted by another host because a booking is contravening another hosts’s house rules. If ever Air contact me like that I will flat out decline.


@bryan114 , You have the luxury lakefront home with amenities and photos that show the home is purpose-built for entertaining. I see now that you’ve modified your house rules to remove the “No parties or events” and replaced it with “Parties or events will be considered on a case by case basis, no live bands or DJs”. Regarding parties and events, I’m getting the feeling that you are mostly concerned about 2 things:

  1. Damage to the property.
  2. Noise that bothers the neighbors.

I’m not sure if I got that right, but regardless, maybe you should ask more specific questions about how to resolve the issues you’re really concerned about to get better advice.

It doesn’t appear that you have cameras or you would’ve seen the food truck and car parked on the lawn. That’s probably the first step. There are also devices available to monitor sound levels, and that’s probably the next thing to consider.


Thank you for the compliments. We have cameras but it is a big property so there is not coverage everywhere. It is really a noise concern, the owner used to have parties but our neighborhood got tired of it and we had code compliance show up with the police. So we have mostly stopped allowing parties unless it’s during the day or over by 9, but you’re spot on. It’s a noise concern first and foremost. We have mostly damage proofed the house so I’m not as worried about that. I’ll try to be more specific in the future. Also…I just can’t believe they parked in my grass, unreal

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I guess you haven’t read my posts this spring about the numerous people I have had parking on my lawn, even with a new fine for doing so…


That’s just crazy to me, there is a driveway that can fit 20 cars

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I agree @jaquo it’s ridiculous to say not to allow one day bookings or day visitors as a blank statement. @Klatchers

For many hosts including myself one day or should I say night bookings are our bread and butter. ( I have business travellers and those attending events who just need to be here for a night).

And I too allow day visitors (when agreed with me in advance) and have never had problems with them.


All of these points are broadly agreed red flags. You are free to disagree, but you seem oblivious to what many hosts say.

I have been to numerous conferences, dialogued through huge numbers of hosts, dozens of courses and books and personal experience. I could teach this stuff.

It is sad you feel you need to undo conventional wisdom with personal beliefs. You are helping no one.

It is likely you don’t even know why many say this.


And you are free to STFU and be civil.

Your personal attacks are not welcome here.

Enough already.



Stop already. 20202020


My point exactly.

Im done, closing this thread.