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Partial reimbursements and search status


Does anyone know if Airbnb downgrades your search status if you give a number of booked guests partial reimbursements?

We rent a large cottage and have been offering linen to date, but the work of laundry for 10 beds on a weekly basis is challenging. Most of the other cottages in the area have guests bring in their own linen. We are considering offering partial reimbursements to already booked guests who choose to bring in their own linen. Moving forward, we will offer the discount to guests prior to booking.

Thanks for the responses!


Reimbursement of part of cleaning fee?


We roll the cleaning fee into the reservation cost, so it would be a reimbursement if the total reservation amount. The only “additional fee” we outline is a security deposit.


Didn’t I read somewhere that Air is going to require ALL listings to include linens (and a few other things like TP…)???


I read that too. As of July 2018 I believe.


Just spoke with Airbnb. (Very quick connection to a case manager by the way.). They said that reimbursing booked guests for bringing their own linen through the resolution centre won’t negatively affect our listing. Logistically though, I can only start reimbursing once their reservation starts (ie. after they’ve checked in). Moving forward we will offer a discount for bringing own linen at time of booking. Hoping to have some guests choose their own linen option.


Why dont you just offer a refund of a cleaning fee rather than the booking fee? It is treated separately and the guest can see it as an offer in your listing

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