Partial refund for a months stay

I’m so confused. I had a person rent my apartment for a month but after a week he didn’t show and requested a parcial refund. Went to the website refunded what a thought was fair, a little less than he asked. Then I get a message from him saying he requested money again because the other hadn’t shown up in his account. Is there a help number to call for air? thank you in advance!

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What reason did he give for requesting a refund @Juli_Stanford As you know under Airbnb’s long term cancellation policy he wouldn’t have been entitled to any refund at all (unless covered by extenuating circumstances).

Did you make the payout after receiving a cancellation notice from Airbnb? It is up to the guest rather than you to chase up with Airbnb regarding the processing of any refund you chose to give him.

Yes he said that the job he had in the area fell through. I was unaware that I didn’t have to refund.

Yes it was a request from air BNB started by the renter.

@Juli_Stanford it’s worth familiarising yourself with how Airbnb’s cancellation policies work (see Airbnb Help Centre - Cancellation Policies).

A job falling through is not a reason to refund a guest.

It would have been better if you wanted to consider a refund to say that if you got a booking to cover some or all of the days he cancelled, you would consider refunding proportionally.


Thank you. I am new to this and it’s a live and learn process. I’m trying to figure out how to void the rest of the month so it will show it as open and available. Is that even possible?

Has the guest canceled the reservation yet? That might explain why the days are blocked.

No he didn’t he just asked for a refund. I didn’t know how this worked. Now I’m seeing I should have done it different. I will try calling air tomorrow to see if I can get this mess straightened out.

Tomorrow? Ummmm, Airbnb’‘s customer service is 24/7. Call NOW.

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Never Give A Refund. That’s Airbnb’s job – what they make their percentage for – handling our money and hosting our listing(s).

Tell the Guest HE needs to contact Airbnb, not you!


Quite honestly @Skai the time to learn the basics around how Airbnb works is before you let your listing go live. Not once it is up and running.

As you can see a ‘live and learn approach’ can lead to you making costly mistakes.

The first step in any cancellation is having the guest actually hit the cancel button.

The refund is your only power. If the guest has their refund and your dates are still blocked you’ve given away your bargaining chip.

For now, call Airbnb and get this sorted.

For the future, read the Terms of Service. It’s boring but valuable reading. A reservation isn’t considered “cancelled” until the guest clicks the button (or asks air to do it on their behalf). When they click it, they’re refunded automatically, according to your policy, and your calendar is re-opened.

On a long term stay like this, ALL funds for the first 30 days are non-refundable. You should have kept your money. Especially because they “used” the dates, preventing you from the chance of re-selling them.

I wouldn’t have refunded anything for dates already passed. I’d tell the guest to cancel, the sooner the better, and any dates I could re-sell I’d refund. (But by contract, you’re paid for 30 days from the time they cancel. Refunding is a business and ethical choice.)

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