Part time Co Host

We travel a few times a year overseas and want to add a co host who is a friend and also a host. Can we just add her when we are away? I couldn’t find an answer on Airbnb.

I would imagine you can just add and remove a co-host as you want @Shanghai , but haven’t set one up on Airbnb so am not sure.

Is there any reason on the system that you can’t do that?

@Helsi thanks. I hope that is how it works.

You send the co-host an email to their airbnb email to add them.
Co-host has a set amount of time to accept the request.
When you no longer want a co-host, just go to the listing, the co-host tab and click “Remove”

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@jumoe thanks that sounds easy!

Well that was easy. Co host added, Thailand here we come

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Any customer service assignment like co hosting is driven by details. I would have the co host work shoulder to shoulder with me for a few days prior if they are not familiar.

I also have a young man in for mowing the lawn and heavy cleaning.

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@justMandi our co-host has helped up before just not officially and there can be a time lag when we are overseas. She is my hubbies ex! Also a host and trustworthy. Last time she had guests who didn’t read the instructions come into our actual home not the granny flat and complained. All good in the end, cat left a dead mouse in our house not their place!

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