Parking permits now required in my neighborhood

I was just notified that my city will start restricting the parking on my street to 2 hours max during the day for people without permits. I can buy a visitor permit that has to be renewed every 4 months and if lost, cannot be renewed until the 4 month period is up. The cost isn’t too bad, but my concern is how to ensure guests return the pass because if they don’t, I won’t have the parking pass for the next guest. Should I charge a deposit that is returned upon checkout so I don’t have to deal with asking AirBnB for money later if they lose the pass? Can I ask for cash upon check-in or does all money have to be exchanged through AirBnB resolution center? Can I charge a deposit for the reservation that was already made before I found out about this change, or do I have to honor the original terms which stated free parking? Thank you!!

I would explain the new parking rules in your listing description – someone may actually read it!

You need to change your description NOW to reflect the no parking without a permit.

Is there an alley that guests could park in that is not covered by the restriction? That’s how we got around a similar restriction in Alexandria, VA a couple years back. The host directed us how to access the alley behind the house for free parking.

When guests book, you can – in your first message – explain about the parking and state that there is a cash deposit (and why) payable at check-in, that is returned at check-out. This, of course, means that you’ll have to be present at every check-in and check-out, without fail…

You can try to charge a deposit for the reservation already made. I would tell the future guest in an Airbnb system email now. You’re still offering “free parking” you are simply requesting a deposit to ensure that you get the physical permit returned.

Ask the guests before they arrive if they’ll have a car. Although we have free parking (which to me is something that adds to our value for money) Id estimate that 40 - 50% of guests don’t have a car. If they reply that they do then simply explain the permit situation to them. Tell them that it’s up to them - they can have your guest permit if they give you a cash deposit. If they choose not to then they can find somewhere else to park and walk to your place. Give them the choice.

I wouldn’t do it through Airbnb as it’s adding to your taxable income and to the total amount of the booking for Airbnb fee-calculating purposes.

As @KenH says, get the info on the listing ASAP. Explain the situation to guests who have already booked.

If you need to, you can point out to guests that many hotels charge at least $25 per night for parking - on top of the nightly rate.

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You may be able to scan/print the permit too.