Palmetto bugs; now I’m beating my head against wall

I’m venting. I’m going to bill my tenants.

Southeastern coastal USA. Subtropical climate. Bugs always present. Palmetto bugs are bountiful. HOA fee provided quarterly bug treatments. Treatment Schedule posted in condo.

Airbnb remote working nomad complaining about finding live roach in cabinet. (Probably non-disease carrying Palmetto bug)

I found out he declined letting bug service have access to condo.

Dammit. Just dammit. I must reschedule it and pay additional $45 fee.

Why, just why would a long term tenant or any guest think they can decline services paid by the owner without asking???

This is no different than “oh the host is paying for electricity. Let me turn it off and complain the lights don’t work”


Sounds like he might have a pet. He’s probably concerned that the bug spray might be dangenous to his pet.


Tenant moans about TV reception.
Tenant never home for appt with antenna guy. Tenant wants antenna guy to come after hours. Antenna guy doesn’t do that due to family commitments
Can you hear the slow beat of my head against the wall??


That has to be infuriating. I think we are in a similar area in the SE and I know it’s no consolation, but palmetto bugs are horrendous this year. Especially after the last hurricane. I have had to call my exterminator back 2 extra times in between scheduled treatments. My home is on pilings and it is mainly for the garage and downstairs area but I am seeing way more than usual. If I recall, yours are condos, and that probably makes your treatment schedule even more important due to neighbors who might not be vigilant. Good luck.

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I have no steps. My condo is above the 100 year flood plane, on a slab so bugs can stroll in when guests leave the patio door or front door open. Like your home, the downstairs (my level) tends to be buggier.

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I thought that too. None of the neighbors have called me about a dog. Could be a cat. I hope not. 1-no pets allowed 2-my father is cat dander allergic so I guess my rules should be, No pets, especially cats.

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I’d charge him for the extra fees towards getting the pest people back and say “Decline paid services again and you’re out.”


This is a direct booking right? No Air overlords to refund against your will?

See ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya!

I would kick him to the curb.

Dear guest, I am sorry you decided to not allow the pest control company access to the condo or even bother to call me to discuss it. Your reservation is cancelled, you need to be out by 11:00 AM tomorrow.



It was thru Airbnb. He’s out next week anyway. But I am billing him. Let’s see if I get paid.


Guest agreed to pay for retreatment

Bug guy’s a charmer. He agreed to revisit & treat condo the next week at no charge. He would be working next door.

He had already been paid and didn’t do the work so he was willing to do work at no additional charge. Because he would be next door, there was not an additional trip fee.

I love it when things work out