Paid Airbnb Host Informational Interview Opportunity

Hello. I’m an MBA Candidate working with a startup that manufactures luxury bedding containing the same temperature regulating technology as NASA spacesuits to give people the most restful sleep possible. In talking with customers, we’ve consistently heard that some of the worst nights of sleep occur while traveling. As such, we’re interested in potentially developing an affiliate program for Airbnb hosts that would place our products in a host’s short-term rental(s) in exchange for a commission of future referred product sales.

As a part of developing this affiliate program, we’re looking to do a series of informational interviews with Airbnb hosts in exchange for a $10 Amazon gift card. Although we’ve had some success with an initial affiliate program pilot, we’re looking to better understand Airbnb hosts through these interviews to best tailor our affiliate program to hosts’ motivations, needs, and desires.

If you’d have any interest in doing an informational interview, please reply to this post, send me a private message on Airhostsforum, or email me directly at

I hope all is well with you and your loved ones. I look forward to hopefully hearing from some of you. Happy New Year!


This post has been approved by the moderators. Brendan did ask about this in advance and agreed a small renumeration would be appropriate. Thanks to forum members for always keeping a sharp eye.