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Page views - totally stopped for two weeks


I have been a Couchsurfing host for a long time and recently made my first airbnb listing. In the first week I had 63 views and one booking. however, after the first booking my page views has sat totally flat at 63. It is very strange since the property is listed, I am verified, I have reduced the minimum stay from 3 nights to 1 night. I understand if the reservation rate doesn’t change but it seems that people are not even visiting the listing page at all.

Does anyone have any explanation about this? I hope it is not a technical glitch.




Hi Vince,

Just checked mine and the stats are showing fine. Maybe you need to lower your rate since you don’t have any positive reviews? I’m not sure how the algorithm works but I heard you get bumped up in the search results if you have positive reviews.

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