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Page views - corresponding booking rate. What gives?


Thank you for posting about this!

I just realized I have the same problem; not showing up as an IB home. I’ve only been hosting for a little over a month, but things have definitely slowed down all of a sudden. Going to call CS now.


Happily, our views have almost steadily risen, are now at 971 for the last 30 days!! My booking rate is .3%. I am not booked enough… we will see soon the nicest part of the year and when people have weekdays off, hopefully we will fill in.


My theory is that the new host boost is a psychological ploy developed by the secret psy ops department at Airbnb, bwahaha.
Use “intermittent reinforcement,” by giving hosts early wins so they get the dopamine success hit, then vary the wins to make them less predictable.
It is well documented that people in an intermittent reward system will tend to keep playing (ask any casino). Extrapolated in this case to leaving their listings open and perhaps trying schemes to get the rewards back, such as madly lowering prices.
So keep your eye on the net profit, fellow hosts and conspiracy theorists!

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Great thread. We are normally booked 100 % about 6 weeks out , but are facing what appear to be some big holes this summer. I was concerned and looked back and our views and bookings are actually up month over month. So I believe in our 2nd year, we are still learning. We are super hosts with amazing reviews back to back, so not a service issue. Am concerned about some issues @rangerjake mentioned i.e. instant book off to the world but not him? I will call and check in as well. Considering dropping our minimum # nights to 2 versus 3 to stimulate things. I loosened up cancel policy as well since I can usually book a cancel pretty quick. With hotels rates nearby pushing $150/night and our lovely $55 /night private entrance room, going to try to keep the faith even though we do have increasing competition. Good luck to all and thanks for thoughtful feedback.


Hi rangerjake
I have read that adjusting your calendar daily helps with an algorithm, supposedly gives your property better exposure, whether this is true or not I have no idea but worth a try.
All the best


Thanks Al. Been doing that for quite some time. I can’t complain about my page views and where my listing appears on searches (very high) but the conversion rate is crazy low.

Still a struggle, getting more “guest inquiries” than I have ever gotten before, being an Instant Book home and all, and those inquiries which I answer right away eventually time out with no bookings. Very frustrating.

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