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Outrageous Cleaning Fees

It IS sometimes better to stay in a hotel for 1-2 nts because of the cleaning fees.


there is a good reason why back in 2011 I think airbnb added the cleaning option
so that when you are doing your taxes you have transparence with tax man
if homowners choose to not add it that is their call
in 2010/11 80% of airbnb in the UK and France at the time were homeowners renting rooms in their homes - so being paid for thier maid time seemed a important choice
then estate agents and people with 2 or more homes developers and brokers jumped in and the balance changed by 2015 only 45% of airbnb homes were just a room in a home.
the cleaning fee was to cover cleaning teams laundry services toiletries cleaning products and all of that can be offset as running costs
hope that helps people


HOLY Sh*t. Thanks for this…Food for thought for my listings :crossed_fingers:

As a guest if I got a long letter about cleaning and asking for tips I’d feel put-off. We have a simple sentence or two: please return the property in the same condition (except for linens and towels which we will turn over). Our hard working cleaners focus on sanitizing the space so it’s perfect for the next guests.

One of the interesting things about human beings is that they are not rational, so I think Rebecca makes a good point. “Extra” fees make more of a mental impression, as they’re called out on the charges list. So a no-cleaning fee listing could be more attractive than a cleaning fee listing, even at the same bottom line cost.

I can see cleaning fees also having unintended behavioral results of guests leaving messes or being more inclined to ding the host for a stray dust bunny.

I have a 3 night minimum during Covid, but when I return to allowing 1-nighters, I will continue to use the cleaning fee to encourage longer term bookings. Because I am the cleaner, the cleaning fee also reminds me of my imputed time cost in running the Airbnb, something that never appears on a net profit statement but that I want to bear in mind in terms of cost-benefit of the business.

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I tried keeping it simple (leave the condo like you would like to find it) but so many of my guests asked for directions, I posted a check list on the refrigerator.

In other words, every guest is different and we do the best we can to accommodate and accomplish the goals.

Me being nosy: there’s been discussion some hosts feel hotels may be better for 1 night stays. I have a whole home rental and feel that way.
If I was renting out a BR & BA, I may feel differently.

A good friend made her whole home minimum stay 6 nights & is delighted with doing less work.

Is your a room rental or whole home?

Whole suite attached to my house. Used to get a mix of business, tourist and family visitors; now it is mainly family visits.

I will see what my per month gross is by the end of the year with the 3 night minimum and compare to prior years.

I expect business travel to pick back up post-pandemic, although I think the pivot to more remote work will be permanent.

I’ve gotten some excellent private repeat business bookers after 1 night Airbnb stays. Yes there’s more turnover, but they tend to be out all day, not eat the snacks, not generate trash, and sometimes you can barely tell they’ve been there.


I truly don’t understand the wording “Leave it as you found it”.

That would mean that guests are expected to vacuum, dust, wash the floors, clean and sterilize the bathroom and kitchen, etc., because that is presumably how they found it.

To me it’s easier and less intrusive than listing all the little things not to do- like leave grease splattered all over the stove and not to move heavy furniture around :woman_shrugging:t2:


We do this. It discourages short stays.

But how does Jefferson know who is a woman and who is a man? Not everyone has posted a profile photo.

Fair question. Frequent & long time posters become known entities. Based on repeated interactions you can often determine gender.

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