Out of the blue I cannot find my listing on the map

I have been on Airbnb the whole day and I pay attention each day where I am placed in rank in my area. (I was able to land on the 1st page in the past couple days)

While updating my listing’s description today, I am no longer able to find my listing in my town. This is even using the zoom button to my surrounding area…

This just happened about 2 hours ago! I’m not certain what to do!

This has happened to me twice before. Listings did not show up for about 3 months one time, and about 3 weeks another time. After endless twittering and facebooking and calling their customer service, who would usually say, “Well I can see it!” they suddenly appeared and some CS rep said, “You were being verified.” Even though I’d been verified before. Go figure.

By any chance did you have IB selected, and are you IB eligible as a guest?

So I called Air, and like @cs2015 said, the CS rep said “I can see it”.

But my 2nd call was lucky, the 2nd CS rep was able to see the error “the listing cannot be found”. The issue is going to be escalated but I think they are not going to resolve it because shortly after that incident, the CS rep as well as myself were able to find my listing.

So my listing was offline for good 3-4 hours. Really strange how this happened because the listing didn’t even exist on the map!

For those who have experienced this before, could it be because you are using 3rd applications? eg. I am testing out the services on YourPorter & Pricelabs. Could this be the reason why Air took my listing offline?

That’s a very interesting question.

I just checked mine as there is an event nearby and I’ve had no requests. When I put in dates, my listing disappears even though the dates are open.

I have been trying to figure this out and found this thread. I looked as a traveler to see what listings are around me, which I do from time to time, and My listing was not on the map. I asked a friend to look and she confirmed that my listing was not showing up on the map. When she went through the listings in my area, she was able to find it. But with hundreds of listings in the area, I think the map is the most important search feature. Is this one of those algorithm things?

Happened to me for the month of June. Its back up but there are hundreds of similar listings so few bookings. Thankfully doing very well with VRBO.