Our first unpleasant guests

It had to happen - 70 guests in to our AirBnB career the couple from hell arrived. Just to set the picture, we’re not a professional B&B, we’re an elderly couple (both 70 within the next few months) that live in a two-bedroom town house, so we let out the spare bedroom and provide a breakfast as well - featuring my home-made bread.
Anyway, the couple that’s just arrived - he’s quiet but creepy - he spends over an hour-and-a-half in the (shared) bathroom from 6am onwards, during most of which time there is no sound. When he emerges the smell of deodorant is overpowering. We hate to imagine what he’s doing in there. She’s loud and didactic - a large woman who makes a point of saying that she only wants one slice of toast at breakfast (I’m very obese myself, by the way).
Actually breakfast has become an issue. As I said we serve a continental-style breakfast, but I like to be there in the kitchen just to chat to them, to see if they had a good night and to make toast and fresh coffee. This is our home, after all, and we’re getting ready for our day. Anyway I asked them what time they wanted breakfast - they said 8.00 - so I was down there at 7.50 laying the table, etc. They didn’t appear until 9.40, only after my wife had knocked on their bedroom door and asked if they were alright. There was no apology for keeping me hanging around for over an hour and a half - rather a sarcastic comment from her to the effect that we must be very busy. Last night they occupied the sofa for three hours while she went on and on and on about being “an activist” - which as far as I can tell means sitting in front of a computer all day sending out tweets, etc. It was all very much teaching her granny to suck eggs.
I have to say that we were both really upset and annoyed about them showing up late at breakfast - it seemed to us that they were treating us with a total lack of respect.
They’ve already dropped hints that we’re not worth 5* (so far we’ve had 67 5* reviews out of 69). So - do we say anything about this in our review? They’re defo the first guests we wouldn’t want back!

Say anything about what? What is “this?”

I realize you’re upset but the stay isn’t over yet and fretting about the review already is probably just putting you in a poor mental state.

As breakfast is the main issue I’d say just make them each a plate, set it on the counter with a protective piece of film and a note that their juice, etc is in the fridge. They don’t want to chat over breakfast and frankly, who wants to chat with such boors? Make sure to only leave her one slice of bread.

As for the bathroom, nothing much to be done about that. Just make sure you get in there before he does if you need it.

If at all possible I’d make plans to be out for the next evening or two. It might even be worth it to have the internet go down or the hot water heater go out. As you say you’re probably in for a bad review anyway. I’d rather not host these kinds of people. I had a woman stay here with her dog several times but when she last booked I finally had a chance to cancel and block her from staying again. Some people aren’t worth the aggravation.


“This” is basically keeping me sitting around waiting for them for over an hour-and-a-half - we both consider it ill-mannered at best. And, as I said, no apology. They’re quite happy to chat - except their version of that is mainly her lecturing us. And I really don’t want to leave them in my kitchen unsupervised.

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I would have put breakfast away by 8:30 and let them fend for themselves, and let them know that breakfast had been served at 8:00 as they had requested and was now done.


Yes I would mention it.

It seems that you have a situation of people choosing home share who basically want to be left alone to take over your house. I’m sorry this happened. When do they leave?


I am so sorry this is happening to you now; you really, really have had a spectacularly good run with your guests. Some questions before passing judgement, and you’ve already had some great advice above;-

How long are they staying?
Do they have other reviews, i.e. Air experienced?
Where are they from?
Are they in all day - it sounds like it?

They do sound dreadful, and it’s really hard not to start thinking about a review when guests are ghastly, a trial, or downright rude.


In regards to the bathroom, my guess is that he has IBS or constipation but knowing that he should not have booked a place with only one bathroom. TMI but I have a friend who has this issue and it’s a running joke that CP has the bathroom from 9:30 - 11 am.

In regards to the breakfast, I stopped serving homemade muffins.I now leave out packaged oatmeal, granola bars, coffee, cocoa and tea. Powered sugar or long lasting cream in the fridge. Nothing that spoils. I offer my second floor with a lockable door so it’s not a home share but I’m finding that just saying a warm hello when they arrive or leave is enough for the guests to think I’m warm and helpful.

Thanks all - thankfully they go tomorrow - they’re from a large city in North West England called Manchester, about 50 miles from where we are in Lancaster. This is their second AirBnB stay - their first was over a year ago - the host’s review was OK but they say they hated the place. And yes, they are around most of the time. And yes, as someone said - they’re downright rude.

+20 points for use of word “didactic!” :sunglasses:

and bonus points for the idiom: “teaching her granny to suck eggs.”


Ah, you see - there’s the problem.They’re from t’wrong side o’t’ills. (Spoken like a true Yorkshirewoman).

Second point, seventy is not ‘elderly’. Seventy is the new fifty.

They sound like grumpy people. Bite the bullet. You see, let’s say that on average, a host will get one bad set of guests in every 100. You were becoming due for bad guests and you’ve just had them. And they weren’t really so bad. So statistically, you’re in the clear for a good while longer. Tomorrow, when they’ve left, treat yourselves to a glass of your preferred beverage :slight_smile:


You need to put in your listing/House Rules “Breakfast is served from 7AM to 8:30AM inclusive.” At 8:30 put everything back in the fridge.

There was no real reason for you to stand around the kitchen waiting for them. I would not have waited until 9:40 for them either. I’d have knocked on the door at 8:05 and announced 'breakfast is on the table. And then cleared the table at 8:30 and gone on with my day.

I’m also 70 and feel like 40 some days. This is our listing, we dictate the rules, not the guests.


Have a heart Ken, please. This is the first time the OP has had such awful guests; our Southend Bootboy and his wife have never had to learn the hard way to date. I find it hard when someone blames the host for not doing this or not doing that, when it is the guests who are plainly horrible.

Southendbootboy, it’s quite late for us in the UK now, but I hope you both did have an evening out!


Have sent you a PM as well.

@Joan I was “having a heart”. I simply and politely told them that they should list breakfast hours on their Rules, and they they should not feel the need to hang around for hours waiting for ungrateful guests. No blame implicit or explicit.


When you start a sentence with “you need to” it’s not polite. Its infuriating when my husband does it!




I think it’s both need and told in the two posts that are impolite. What’s wrong with suggesting?

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Yup, agreed. But they never learn; it gets worse with age too!!!


It’s hardly the War of the Roses.


That’s why I stopped serving breakfast. Guests never walk up n time, slept in and just changed their minds about breakfast at all.
When I travel and as a guest I don’t want to be committed to a certain time for breakfast. I sleep in, simply don’t want any breakfast but thought I would or leave earlier.
I personally love to socialize with my hosts but…avoid to be a nuisance at all times. That’s why I am super carefull about starting conversation with my host and only start chit chat if I am 100%sure this is what my host wants .
I am curious what exactly they said about your place not being 5*?

Me 2…