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Our first guest and oh, holy S#@*!

OK, I’m sorry that was stressful but I laughed so hard. Thank you.


Ha! Thank you, muddy!

I let my brother stay. My SIL is far harder on me than she would be on any other Air they’ve stayed at. I’m especially grateful that her reviews don’t get posted because it’s a free stay in blocked days. :wink:


Entertaining for me to read, have to admit…this whole thread. I’m not amused at your expense, but WITH you, especially because you seem to have weathered it all pretty well. Best of luck to you! (And if @KKC doesn’t get chosen for her blatant attempt at a free stay, I’ll volunteer next!)


…but did they leave you a 5 -star review?

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Great advice! Since I live on site and have variously slept in all the bedrooms, I have a pretty good idea what they’re all like. It’s still different from a guest’s point of view. When we live in a place, we fill in so many of the gaps.

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They’re heading out tomorrow, so … we’ll see?


You won’t be surprised to hear that yes, it happened in one of our rentals. I was just our of hospital so employed a ‘cleaner’ but always checked the rentals thoroughly before the guests arrived. And during one check I found male underpants in a drawer.

Now I can understand a guest overlooking one or two items when packing but the cleaner???

She never used the lint roller inside drawers either, despite me telling her repeatedly that hairs in drawers were unacceptable. These people don’t care because it’s not their cleanliness rating.


@GuideCottage I’m so sorry to be the one to ask, but is there a laundry hamper available to the guests?

Y’all, to close the loop, here’s the terrific review they left. If you ever have a chance to host Carmen from Colorado, jump at it:

WOW!!! This is a gem of a place, it’s what all other Airbnb’s should aspire to be! It felt like a good friend prepped the place for you and wants to ensure you have a great time in the area and a comfortable stay. The pictures do not do this place justice! It’s utterly charming, so clean, has everything you need, and just the level of thought and care Betsy and Jeff put into the place blew us away. They are such kind people! Communication was swift, check-in/out a breeze. We work remotely and were able to video call/download/upload without any issues. We were a bit concerned about privacy but they have a whole fence between, so you have your own yard (with grapes!) as well as a totally separate entrance in the back, it’s a very very private setting. This is the first AirBnb we’ve stayed at where they genuinely made our dogs feel welcome and wanted! Seriously, cannot recommend this place enough. Also the location was killer to explore Bellingham, Betsy’s guide she wrote is just a small taste of the care they put into the place. Thank you so much for opening your home to us!!


Wow, you couldn’t wish for a better first review.

My very first guest, a vivacious super-fun gal from Denver, said soon after she arrived, “You didn’t have any reviews!”

I answered, " That’s because my listing is brand new and you’re my lucky first guest."

She said at some point during her stay “Well, I’m going to leave you a great first review.” And she did. Not as extensive or effusive as your guest did, but much appreciated nonetheless


LOL! New friends!!! :wink:


I’ve been on this forum for 5 years and this is one of the most uplifting posts i have read. Thank you Guidecottage and all who replied.


The reason we know do chimera “training” in our host “get to know your barn” was: guests lighting it under the bloody varranda​:fire: :fire: :fire: :fire:

It has made me very happy, too.

And to further close the loop: After two ABB guests, we have the house blocked off for a week. My MIL and her partner stayed with us until today, and a pal is coming in tonight, so I was hustling to clean it — but, thanks to Underpants Revelation 2021, I found the jeans and shorts that they’d accidentally left in a drawer. Hooray for using our education.

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