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Oregon seaside town evicts tourists

I’m not surprised.

My city assembly meets at 10am on Sunday to require mandatory 14 day quarantine for anyone arriving here from out of town. Because you can’t drive here, the city has fire dept medics with thermometers meeting all planes and ferries. Restaurants & bas have been closed for a week except for takeout. Alaskans are pretty much hunkering down.

Alaska is pretty much locked down now.


I’ve just heard that Cornwall, a scenic County in the UK, is telling people not to go there “on holiday” currently, as their local NHS is under such pressure. There were reports yesterday of people fleeing London for their second homes, and stripping supermarkets bare on arrival. Then going out to surf…

Yep that’s our great British public for you going to our seaside resorts in droves despite all advice to the contrary :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry: @Joan

Knuckleheads are everywhere. All over the US, tourist and outdoor enthusiast towns are posting “locals only” notices. Rocky Point, Mexico cleared their beach yesterday.

Article from NYT, hope it’s a free one.

“Climbers from around the country have descended upon Bishop as though a global pandemic were some sort of hall pass from responsibility and magnanimity,” a climbing blog reported.

As an aside, I’ll be avoiding buying anything from a company called U-Line if I can.

Employees received an email Thursday from the Uihlein Family, owners of the $5.8 billion company and big donors to Republican causes, thanking them for their efforts and saying that the “White House called upon us twice with huge orders” this week.

The same day, a manager at one Uline call center sent a note to employees.

“If you, or family members, are under the weather with cold/allergies — or anything aside from Covid-19,” it read, “please do NOT tell your peers about the symptoms & your assumptions. By doing so, you are causing unnecessary panic in the office.”

Assholes in all ages:

Not all beachgoers were young people. A retired doctor and self-described “metal detectorist” named Larry Leguire, 68, from Columbus, Ohio, had been in Florida since December. On Thursday on Clearwater Beach, he found four rings, two of which he believed were gold, plus a handful of coins, aluminum cans, pull tabs and bottle caps.

“It was crazy out here yesterday,” Mr. Leguire said. “You saw it, right? Today is a lot less. I think it’s the coronavirus and the news about all the kids congregating.”

Mr. Leguire said he and his wife keep distance from others and wear gloves and masks in grocery stores. He was not happy to learn that the beach was closing Friday night.

“The beach is my life, and without the beach, it’s like, why be in Florida?” he said. “I might as well go back home and sequester myself in my house in Columbus, Ohio.”

I firmly support social distancing by all and isolation when the person is in the high risk group or possibly exposed or sick. However I think some people have lost common sense.

My friend went for an exercise beach walk. Beach not crowded. Some people who were reading in chairs had scratched a large circles in the sand around their chairs and posted “do not enter” signs. Odd but I understand it. Their behavior was not risky.

Crowds are a different story. In crowds like the Springbreakers in Florida scare me.

Wish I could find masks to use…

Wicklow in Ireland is turning back tourists.

My friends who moved from NYC to the country in CT are complaining about all the NYC folks stripping the stores bare and running amok, possibly infecting the “townies.” It’s an issue in the Hamptons, too.

And the people fleeing are behaving like entitled snobs.

Florida still has open beaches, thanks to the idiot governor who didn’t listen to the former governor to close the state down 3 weeks ago. I know people throwing get togethers and the boating raft ups this weekend looked epic.


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If the idiots only killed the idiots we could take some comfort. As is always the case in any war, many innocents will die.

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The idiots are bulletproof. It’s the rest of us who suffer.

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My elderly in-laws don’t own a holiday home, but they went to the local beach this weekend and said it was packed. They had the attitude, well nobody else is social distancing, why should we? My husband and I are stressed they aren’t social distancing and won’t let them visit us.

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Why anyone would choose to go to a crowded beach and put their lives at risk is beyone me @Xena

Have the messages about older people and those who are vulnerable not being given out in the US @Xena I am beyond shocked your in laws were doing this :slight_smile: :frowning:

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Oh many times, but her relatives probably watch Rupert Murdoch’s Faux News, aka Trump Network. What they have been broadcasting will kill people. It’s criminal.

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