Opportunities gone away?

Has anyone else seen the basic and work requirements dissapear from their Progress page? I still have Superhost but these are just gone? Is it just me and if so any thoughts on how that happens?

They’re still showing up for me.

You might be a test subject. :mouse:

What country are you in? Sometimes Airbnb tests new layouts on a subset of hosts. Sometimes it’s by location and other times totally random.

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There here too for me.
Never use it but still here


They still show up for me, too. I noticed the Progress page changed completely when I enabled “professional hosting tools” in my profile a couple weeks ago just to try them out. I didn’t find the tools were valuable to me, so I switched back and the Progress page was back to normal. I’m not sure it’s the same thing you’re seeing though.

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I still see it, as well.

Thanks for the feedback everybody, but I figured it out, it was because I had snoozed my listing. Doh!

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