Opinions please! Should I put one of my listings on instant book?

Opinions, please! I rent two private rooms in my house, so I have THREE listings. One for the room with two twin beds, one for the room with one queen bed, and one for both rooms together. None of the listings are available on instant book.

Since it’s been so slow lately, I’m considering putting one listing (probably the one for both rooms together) on instant book, and see if that helps to pick things up. My biggest concern with doing this is that I am a shift worker, so when people message me to book, I’m able to let them know when I am available to check them in before they make their reservation.

Opinions? Thoughts?

Maybe you could have IB with the availability settings for however many days notice you feel you need. You are going to have a hard time instant booking same day arrivals.

Not being able to have a standardized checkin time is difficult with IB.

The only way that I think you could pull this off is to list the two rooms as one a second time. For this listing, allow IB but don’t go live. When you get your shift schedule, open the dates on that schedule, if they are still available, and add the possible check-in times by day to the House Rules.

I don’t allow folks to book less than 24hrs in advance. One, I can’t organize my life with short notice, and my anecdotal research indicates that more problems happen with last minute bookings. But, people like @KKC have no problems with last minute bookings. We serve very different markets. And that is my final thought… you know what type of travelers you get in your area, and you have to build your “marketing” based on that knowledge.

I find that if you respond to requests quickly, you get a similar bump as you woukd on instant book, without the hassle of instant book!

Don’t do it! You don’t have the control you need to make sure your guests are those you want.

I’m not a fan of IB. You should look carefully into the possible complications that can arise before pulling the switch. And don’t expect Airbnb to have your back if there are complications.