Opening up for single day bookings

Hello all, I decided to open my four single July, in-between bookings, days (my minimum booking is three days). I raised the price on those days thinking that IF someone needed a one day stay, I’d make a special allowance just for July to see what the interest or need was. So right away I get a booking at midnight for the next day when my current guest was checking out. I saw the booking when I woke up at 6am the morning after his booking and respond with my welcome notice. At 7am, he writes to say he thinks he might need to cancel. Well, I have a moderate cancelation policy so he’s clearly outside that window, but I allow it and end up having to call Air support to authorize a full refund. On his own, he was able to get $35 back and I was granted $145. Here are my questions: 1. Does Airbnb make it clear to guest that the booking they are making is outside the 100% refund window? 2. Does Airbnb keep its portion of fees, etc. even though I’ve authorized my portion to be refunded fully? 3. Comment first - I got an email from Air saying my guest was getting a a partial refund but to “click here” if I want to approve a full refund. I did that and it took me to my listing with no where discernible to do that. 4. In the end, he gets his full refund, doesn’t stay at my place obviously, nada. Then the next day I get an invitation to write a review for him and it says I will be able to see his after I write mine (duh). What on earth? 5. How do I allow for specific one day stays and make sure the prospective guest realizes that booking will be non-refundable? Any other advice on this topic? Thanks everyone.

I’ve probably had over 600 one day bookings. I have had very few cancel inside the refund window. I’d just say no refund unless you rebook it.

  1. Yes, Airbnb makes it clear but people don’t read the fine print all the time.
  2. I think Airbnb keeps fees in this case.
  3. No refund until you get a rebooking and get your money in your account.
  4. Review saying guest booked for same day arrival then canceled.

I love one day bookings and think they could work for you in the scenario you describe. Most people won’t book and cancel. I get mostly people driving through on road trips. I’m assuming you don’t have the kind of place where people would book one night to have a party.

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I do many one day bookings but require 24 hours notice. Fortunately I have never had a cancelation.

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You can create a message to the quest making the inquiry:
Thank you for considering my listing. I want you to be informed & happy. Because the booking is made less than 2 weeks before it starts, Airbnb policy do not provide a refund if you cancel.

Thank you for your response. I use auto-book so I don’t necessarily get inquiries. It would be ideal if I could make a custom message for those particular single day openings. Is that possible?

You can create an auto book/instant book welcome message that triggers when they book. I don’t think you can create a special message for same day bookings

However you can certainly have the sentence at the end of a message. If the booking is more than 2 weeks out, they can ignore it.

There is no way to make sure a guest knows ANYTHING about an airbnb accommodation… educating a guest about the various options for bookings is the job of airbnb - at least it is their job to have the info handy for a guest. And, incredibly, it is: