Open Homes Program

We just received an Open Homes program booking for 47 nights beginning Dec. 4th. This is in partnership with the Bone Marrow and Cancer Foundation. Having worked at a children’s hospital, this gave me goose bumps. Has anyone ever hosted through the Open Homes program? What should we expect? We’re already thinking of a welcome gift!


I volunteered after the El Paso shooting but didn’t get selected. It looks like you’re going to make someone’s holiday’s brighter. Best wishes to you.

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That’s wonderful that you’re helping someone going through a medical procedure.

Please check your home insurance to see if you can accommodate people who are under hospital care. Mine will not,

I’m thinking this might be family members of someone there for treatment, not a hospital patient…?

I have had people stay who are personal friends when a family member is dying. And my partner recovered from lung cancer here. But they objected to hosting strangers that are in for hospital treatment.

Think very carefully when you open your doors to anyone who has someone that is ill. It is a huge responsibility, and if it is your home, you are going to need breaks, too.

Thank you everyone for your responses. A husband and wife couple will be in the home as she is undergoing a series of outpatient medical treatments at a nearby hospital. If the facility were near their own home, they would go during the day and come home at night, I presume. I will check my insurance policy just to be safe. This is an investment property for us, so we do not live in the house.

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Also, the non-profit organization is paying for their stay. Unfortunately, this is not due to our largesse (investment property). We kept the house after a renovation because it is in within 5 miles of 2 hospitals, a VA hospital/facility and numerous universities. This is exactly what we’d hoped the house would be used for.