Open Home Program Think Twice!

I think he hit a higher score on the meter the time he posted a Ring video of one of his guests sneaking someone into one of his rentals. We very kindly took it down lest she find it online and report him for running illegal Airbnbs.


Oh you mean the time Tom told you to keep it up, that it wasn’t in violation of any laws, or the terms of the site - and yet you still decided to take it down?

I’m not running illegal Airbnbs, nice try. We see how easily confused you are.

Any other examples of your proud petty behavior?

I’m not the one who decided on that particular incident.

:wink: We believe you.

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We believe you :wink:

Back to the topic at hand… I participated in the Open Homes program last fall when Hurricane Florence hit North Carolina hard. I had a brand new AirBnB listing that I rushed to get in the platform so I could offer it to those who had to evacuate. I hosted a Marine Corps family of 6 for close to a month for zero cost to them and no financial assistance from AirBnB.

In the “no good deed goes unpunished” category, they ruined two sets of sheets (a king and a queen) and left a great review but gave us a 4 on location.

Months and months later, AirBnB sent me a pin with the Open Hearts logo.

Would I do it again? Yes, But not for that long, probably because it was quite expensive (to us) to host that many people for that long.


Thats exactly my concern on top of the daily expenses not being covered. How does a host get compensated for damages that may occur during an Open Homes reservation?

I think its a great idea in theory … but until Airbnb provides some form of minimum base expense reimbursement and a guarantee of damage reimbursements, it just not for me.

Hosts who are able to participate, like yourself, should be applauded because you really are doing a very kind thing for people in need, no doubt about that.


Thanks for sharing your experience @Keugenia and well done for being so generous.

Unbelievable that these ungrateful guests that you opened up your home to marked you down on location and didn’t offer to pay for the ruined bedding.

I’m glad that one bad apple hasn’t stopped you from opening up your home to those in need.


How had you rated them?

It was a military family. My husband and I are both vets who did long stints in the service (17 years for me, and 26 for him) and raised families while serving. So I know how stressful evacuating with 4 kids must be and what a financial strain it would be on their family. In their defense, I don’t think they knew about one stain, and I’m guessing the one of their bedsheets they thought would wash out.

In the long run it worked out because it taught me to buy better quality sheets. Even without any stains I wouldn’t be using those sheets today. :smile:


It’s okay. You’ll still have a place with us if you need it. It’s people like you that I most enjoy and insist on helping.


Very nice of you to offer your home to people in need.

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Being a people can be hard. Help helps.

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@sobepuppy - I’m just interrupting this conversation to say that as far as moderators of this forum goes, @KKC is the good cop and I am the completely evil cop.

That’s all.


Thank you for the heads-up on the complication here. Very very good luck to you for smoother sailing ahead!