One year on, making better calls as a host

Just wanted to say that I love this forum. I’ve learned so many useful things, it’s inspired me to be a bolder host and better about my boundaries (especially important when you’re hosting in your home, I think).

This week’s experience, I just turned down a 6-night booking who sent a chatty inquiry asking for a discount off my nightly rate. A year ago I would probably have taken the booking because hey it’s still a lot of money, and also I wanted to help and solve their problem, but a year’s experience taught me that the first favor is followed by the second favor, and then the third… I’ve never had a 5-star review from someone who asked for a favor or accommodation (as in a discount, a much earlier check in, etc) off the bat. So, good to walk away, trust my gut, deep breath, and expect that there will be a better booking.

Anyway, very grateful to all the folks who invest time helping newbies like me. Happy hosting.


You posted twice with two different titles so I closed the other one in case you get comments they will all be in the same thread. Thanks for sharing.