One more confusing thing in the listings

I opened a private window and checked on our listing. I hadn’t noticed before that they list three things under the description. Each listing had 3 items - some of the other items were Internet, TV, Heating,and Air Conditioning.


If I could have chosen my own descriptors I would not have emphasized shampoo- seems pretty lame as an amenity to be called out. Glad they didn’t put heating or air conditioning as something special - that should be a given in this climate!

Is this something they are doing on all listings/areas? Is it on your listings also?

Mine (and almost everyone else’s on the same page) says “free parking.” Not useful here in El Paso where free parking is available in 99% of the listings.

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Except when it is the decision-maker. In places like San Francisco, it is gold. In El Paso? Not so much. It would be good if they were more place-aware, wouldn’t it?


Certainly. I wonder how many places have shampoo as the deciding factor? LOL.


@KKC. That is, in fact, my only criteria for selecting a place to stay. ::tongue in cheek::


But seriously, I don’t see this in my city when I do an anonymous search. Is this on the search results page or the detail page?

I was looking at the results page.

I couldn’t find the free parking when I was searching in downtown Toronto. Critical amenity.

I’m going to edit my post to clear up the confusion.

Here is a randomly selected listing on a full page of results:

44 PM

My town

Which browser and Operating System are you utilizing in your search. [Using formal language to guarantee enough characters.]

Windows, Mozilla Firefox, and using private browsing window while logged out

periods at the end count as characters

Interesting. OP’s results show three amenities. Your results show 1. My results show nothing. The little AirBNB gnomes are still at work.

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Just an FYI: In Explorer I was getting some odd views & functions. The Customer Support team at Airbnb told me their website was optimized to work best with Chrome.

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Does anyone know what the color coding in the “private room…” headline means? I just noticed it in @KKC 's screen grab… they all seem to be a different color.

I wondered the same thing…