One Hundred up!

After just over two years of letting out our spare bedroom in our little canal-side townhouse in a small town in North-West England, we’re about to welcome our one hundredth guest! We can honestly say that it’s been great fun – as an elderly (over 70) couple we’ve really enjoyed having so many young people staying with us – it’s helped keep us in touch with the world. Interestingly, 40% of our guests have been from abroad - seven from the US, six from Australia and the others from 16 different other countries. And people seem to like what we’re doing – we’ve had 91 5* reviews and only three 4* (two of whom put 5* in every category and then left 4* overall; the other 4* reviewer hadn’t read the listing properly). But the thing I want to emphasise is just how nice the guests have been – we’ve had a couple of slightly odd ones, but everybody has been warm, friendly and appreciative – in fact we’ve had quite a few we really didn’t want to leave! And without wishing to tempt Providence there’s been no horror stories! So we’re going to keep on for a year or so longer – in fact this month is going to be our busiest ever. And thanks to everybody in the community for your wot and wisdom!


Congratulations, and best wishes for a wonderful fall season!


I’m a bit younger at just 61 but I sometimes wonder how long I can go. You are an inspiration. As a retired teacher I do miss young people and Airbnb is a great way to stay connected to the world and a variety of people.

Congrats and may this be your best year ever in every way.


Congrats from another pair of over 70-year olds! Like you we’ve welcomed many young people and have really enjoyed their take on the world. We’ve been hosting for 5 years, last 3 on Air, and on the whole it’s been great fun … also exhausting and sometimes frustrating, but still mostly fun!


That’s so good to hear

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Heartiest congratulations to you both!

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Congratulations! It’s wonderful that you’re enjoying the experience.

Your Centenary! Congratulations!

Given your lovely hospitality, and beautiful location, I am really not surprised you are doing so well.

Over 70 is the new over 40. I’m not so far off myself, and this hosting malarky both keeps my mind active post retirement, and I’m fitter than I have been for several years. Such a bonus at 66, after having to retire early at 60 on health grounds.

Lets keep it up!


You’re on the Lancaster Canal? Wow, great!!! My partner (originally from Brighton) & I love narrowboating, and the Lancaster sounds like a fun canal to explore!

The Canal is 42 miles long from Preston to Tewitfield - the upper end going on to Kendal was cut off when they built the M6. In that length the Canal has no locks - it’s a contour canal. Getting into it at Preston is quite exciting - you have to cross the estuary of the River Ribble. About a mile from where we live a wonderful aqueduct carries the Canal across the River Lune, 60 feet above the river. It’s really worth the trip!


I’m 61 and just put a toe in the water with bookings on Friday and Saturday nights. On retirement (66) I hope to be able to free up the calendar for more bookings to supplement my pension. Have a great year - I’m from Burnley by the way :slight_smile:

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Hi Katy;

Good luck! One piece of advice – unless you really need the money, always leave one or two nights between bookings! And you’ll probably need three sets of bed linen, especially if you’re allowing
one-night stands!



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LOL. I got a good laugh out of that. Interestingly I get lots of one nighters, probably 60% of my business and of that at least half are couples but rarely have a problem with the linens. I’ve yet to determine why not.

Perhaps because they are travelling/road trippers, tired and not feeling romantic?


Good guess. But even when I have couples that are “celebrating their anniversary,” like a recent young local couple or “coming in for a concert,” I rarely have stains. I do, however, have a large shower with a hand held attachment and a high water bill. :wink:


Hello Katy from Burnley,

Nice to have another Anglo on board. I agree with Mac aout three sets of linen; one in the laundry, one on the bed and one for emergencies. If you end up doing more nights when you retire, the one for emergencies comes into its own; like, not ironing… although I send mine out!

When we celebrate ours, we go for a good meal, reminisce over a bottle or two, then fall asleep. But after 27 years, what the heck!

Adding, fall asleep on return to wherever.


Belated congratulations! It’s great to hear old-school homestay hosts are still around, successful and enjoying it :). It’s so easy to become cynical in this business but I still find myself beguiled by the young Italian student (for example) who is asking all kinds of questions. She will be lovely, I’m sure.
All the best for another year!

Are we dying out as a species? - no longer evolutionarily fit? Oh dear!

We’ll never die out! Although people think airbnb invented the concept, people have been doing this for centuries. (I was going to suggest it’s even longer than that and make a joke about “yes, you can stay in our cave but you have to provide your own food and clean up everyone’s shit” but that’s pushing it a bit :smile:).

I meant more that we’re becoming a minority, both on this forum and on airbnb itself. And home-stay hosts who are actually still enjoying it are probably in even smaller numbers!