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One host, one entire home rental?


Hello! Since the Irish government is about to introduce new regulations for short term rental I wanted to ask everyone if they knew of a city / country / region where Airbnb the company have limited the number of rental properties individual hosts can put up for rent?
There are quite a number of hosts like me here who happen to have a second property (but only one!) that provides essential income for them and their families, and we are in danger of losing this.
I think if Airbnb got rid of those serial Hosts with multiple properties it would do a lot for our image,
Any examples welcome, thanks!


I know they have it in NYC, maybe San Francisco? Airbnb is not interested in getting rid of those “hosts” with a bunch of properties though. I also wish they had remained true to their original home sharing idea. I still believe that Airbnb is fairly new and any law passed can be repealed. Good luck to you.


Are you talking about those who rent to rerent?
Are you asking about those who have invested in buying properties to put on Airbnb?
Are you asking about those who have converted long term rentals to short term rentals? I am of this ilk and I would never go back to LTR.
Why would Airbnb limit the number of places a hosts manages ? They want everyone to rent out space!


I sympathise with your situation. It’s very frustrating that people like you are lumped in with companies that list loads of places and individuals who buy up properties to list as STRs thus taking much-needed LTRs off the market. It seems that many cities have introduced a maximum rental period (90 days, for example) but how they will regulate that is a bit of a mystery.

Whereabouts are you in Ireland? Are you near a university or hospital or somewhere where people may come for, say, 3 months? I know someone who does airbnb (and all the other str sites) in the summer and rents to visiting students and professionals for the rest of the year. It works very well, for everyone. Of course the clusterf*ck that is Brexit will put paid to that :frowning: You’d be all right though, if you’re in the right area.


Thank you, we have been looking at other options, but the current system has worked so well for us! We’re in a fairly good location in Dublin city so should be able to find alternatives to LTR, which I really want to avoid. Our local Airbnb representative has said that Airbnb will stop a property from getting booked once 90 days have been reached.


I am talking about people who happen to have two properties, for example couples with a house each who moved in together, people who have inherited their parent’s house, people who bought a property as investment or for their kids college years, that sort of thing.
Airbnb might look at limiting this to counter-act the anti STR sentiment which is very strong in a lot of cities, they already enforce the 90 day rule by stopping bookings once 90 days is reached.


According to AirDNA about 80% of AirBnB’s revenue comes from whole house listings as opposed to 20% from single room or shared house bookings. So they would definitely not be wanting to restrict themselves back to their original idea. I am sort of in between as I live upstairs and have a separate downstairs “whole guest suite” and a door I keep locked in between and I built a separate outside staircase and entrance. I am hoping if the local government restricts STRs, as many are doing in Australia, it will count as me renting out rooms in my own home, while avoiding being classed as a stand alone BnB and subject to council fees and inspections .

Anyway one way you might consider getting around any future restrictions is have a family member use the address of your Air property as their home address and live there occasionally in between guests and have their mail and energy/rates bills in their name sent there even if you pay them.


I’m sorry to hear.

Many cities in the US, Canada, and the world are implementing the “one host, hone home.” And then going further with limiting the amount of days you can host it if you’re not home.

San Francisco (yes, Airbnb headquarters) if you rent the entire home it can only be done for 90 then you MUST live in the house. They will check.


New York - where I’m based… I just did a podcast episode because they’re about to implement a new law starting in January 2019.

I believe Boston is changing it.

Doesn’t Amsterdam, Barcelona have really strict laws?


Thank you, that’s good advice. We have been thinking of setting our son up at the Airbnb house. The only disadvantage being that the property wouldn’t be listed as "entire home"for most of the time (once the 90 day limit is reached) , so guests looking for that option wouldn’t even get to see it.I would like to see Airbnb making a distinction between us +1 hosts and multiple operators though when negotiating terms for new regulations with local government.
Good luck with your own situation, I guess it depends on the small print and how thoroughly rules are implemented.


You can try calling it a “whole guest suite” like I do as I live on the premises. Though that is to make it clear guests don’t get the whole house. I am not sure where that fits in with it being an extra property or not though for council/city laws on STRs if they exist which they don’t (yet) here. Does anyone else know?

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