One for EU hosts regarding VAT

Anyone received a demand for their VAT number recently?

A while back BDC asked hosts to confirm if they were private individuals or companys, and we chose private individuals, which we are.

Now it appears that they are demanding VAT numbers from private individuals, their online community forum is rammed with folks saying WTF?


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Same experience here. We also declared ourselves as private individuals and not a business (since we are).

Then we had the same request.

But we do have a vat (btw) number (in NL sole traders all have one) and the income is all reported quarterly for btw and we get assessed for tourist tax, So I am sure we’re on the radar anyway so I just uploaded it.

I really do not know how they work.

I know in my country you need a VAT number when making more than 22000 in revenue. (I don’t know about the laws in other countries)

It could be that BDC automatically request a VAT number when going over this number.
There still a lot of illegal rentals around that managed to stay under the radar avoid paying taxes.

I have a VAT number so no problem.

There is no threshold in Spain relating to turnover. The criteria used for STR is whether you provide additional services, which would then be liable for IVA.

Anyway, it looks like they’ve realised that it’s a complete feck up, and hosts have been told to ignore the deadline set.


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