One can only wonder

Guest - 4 young men in their twenties. Two nights. House we cohost up the road. When I arrived at the house after they checked out, there were six 30 gallon bags of garbage filled with mostly beer and spiked lemonade outside the door. One bag of unopened beer, vodka mixes etc. I know what you are thinking? And so was I. A disaster clean up awaiting me. Nope. The house was clean. However, once I got inside, all of the furniture was rearranged, including chairs carried up a ladder to the loft bedrooms. The pillows (all four) were dressed in t shirts and shorts and propped in the chairs they carried into the loft bedrooms. What the hell?


I had to chuckle. Now I suppose we have to add a line to our house rules: do not move furniture to other rooms and resist dressing the pillows, lol. I’d rather have that than a post party trash site. Sounds like they were too hungover to remember the rearranging and dress up event.


Sounds like a blast. Too bad they didn’t invite you.


Too funny! Sounds like a bachelor party- better pillows than blow up dolls :joy:


They sound kind of cool.


I love you guysxoxoxo

Aw, how thoughtful and sweet. They left beverages and entertainment for the hosts. I’d give 'em 5 stars for comic creativity.

They should have put the unopened beers on the pillow people’s laps.


Absolutely. First, I admire their gusto and quantity of booze consumed. Love the creativity and the free beverages.

5* all around and a glowing review for comic relief.