On-demand valet service relieving parking headaches for your guests!

Hi there!

If you were able to offer parking to your guests, at no cost to you, would it make your property more desirable and easier to rent? We would like to partner with you to provide discounted parking!

My name is Ben and I work for Luxe in downtown Chicago! (also in 5 other major U.S. cities) We are an on-demand valet company offering affordable rates, other beneficial car services (fuel ups, car washes, etc.), and we do all the legwork for you and your guests!

As you know, parking is difficult and expensive in Chicago, especially if your AirBnb guests are from out of town. This is where Luxe can help - we offer parking that is convenient, affordable and safe. Our service can be a value-added amenity that your guests will thank you for.

Would this be something of interest to you? We have been praised by New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal for helping to ease the problem of parking. Please let me know if you have any questions and if you’re interested for using our service for your AirBnB!

Ben Albers

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Thanks for the ad!

Dear Ben Albers,

Allow me to offer you a piece of advice. Come visit. Spend some time offering useful contributions and answering questions. Once you have built a bit of rapport, then come back and try posting your ad. It will be a bit easier to swallow.




I have used Luxe twice here in SF… the first time they ran over a nail parking my car and it took 3 hours to deal with the service company and $100 to patch the tire. The second time the valet didn’t know how to drive my car, was 15 mins late, and 10 mins early dropping in off, plus parked it illegally.