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On-demand home repair services on your mobile?

Hi there, I’m George, I’ve just signed up as I work for a new London-based company called DAD. We offer instant access to home repairs experts, initially via a video call on your mobile. Our friendly and vetted experts are on-hand provide professional advice and on-the-spot fixes, as well as arranging home visits for those trickier issues.

I’m interested to get any feedback from Airbnb hosts like you (particularly based in the UK) on your current approach to dealing with home repair issues (plumbing, electrics, heating, handyman tasks) and whether a service like DAD could be useful, especially if your guests were able to use the service as soon as something goes wrong.

Here are some specific questions:

  • What is your preferred solution for dealing with home repairs at your Airbnb apartment?
  • How useful would it be to have a services (that guests could use) to fix up issue at your apartment, as they occur?
  • Would you even consider paying for it? If so, how best?

Appreciate any feedback (however brutal), as this seems a really vibrant and engaging environment to gain insights from.

Thanks for reading and happy AirBnbing!


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