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Olympics and other events

So the Olympics are coming to my city in 2020!
I’m curious if there’s been any research into how such large-scale events generate demand, and how much of a boost they give to vacation rental rates? For how long before the event? Was there a crash afterwards?
Has anyone considered investment in temporary accomodation units (such as tents, ships, or trailers) to let out during these events?
(Sorry, too much coffee today :grinning:)

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You should Google what happened in London

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The World Masters Games are being held in New Zealand mid 2017 - I’m already booked because of it…and I’d never even heard of this event! Good luck @hypertokyo - you lucky thing!

Lookto see what hotels are charging during the event, the be cheaper. If you are in agood location, you can probly multiply your rate several times.

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