Old reviews taken into account for superhost?

Need your thoughts.

I have two listings, one for one bedroom of the house, the other for another bedroom. I have just been using one listing for the past 2 years as it was easier and snoozed the other one. Currently I have a 4.8 overall rating for the primary listing however I have relisted the other listing and that listing is at 4.2 (yes I know it is low, but it was 2016 and I just started out so I have learnt from it) anyway, it appears my overall rating is now 4.7. My understanding is that they only take in account 1 year of reviews? Would the 2016 reviews effect my superhost status? It is now showing 4.7 for all listings… Should I just snooze the other listing or wait till I get a positive review off of it? I never really understood the breakdown of the reviews.

I think they look back 12 months for the superhost star score

Yes, they just look at the last 12 mos for SH. In the Performance -> opportunities -> SuperHost page you can see what time period they’re using for the current evaluation in the drop-down box. Right now it’s April 2018-Mar 31, 2019.

If your old listing had a fairly low rating you may actually be better off creating a new listing. At 4.2 you’ll probably display as a 4* listing on search results. IMO there are far too many 5* listings to ever book someone who has a 4.5*, much less a 4*.

**eta: I should also mention that if you’re looking at the “Ratings” page, your Overall Rating doesn’t just include 12 mos - it’s all your history. SH status only looks at 1 year.