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Old guest is harassing me through airbnb site

A year and a half a go a young woman wanted to stay at my place. My huts are seasonal and at the time I was closed but the weather was pretty good so I have her a 50% discount. The day she was to arrive she never showed and later contacted me that she was in the hospital. I told her that she could come another time as long as I had an opening during that season even though my cancelation policy is strict. She contacted me a year later demanding her money. I told her that I had already paid taxes for the previous year and as far as I’m concerned our interaction is finished. Since then she randomly sends me threatening messages that she will report me me and what ever. How do I get rid of her. Airbnb help is no help so far and I don’t take it personal but it’s really gone too far. Any suggestions would be great

If Airbnb won’t help you then the chances are that they won’t help her either. When you say ‘threatening’, what do you mean exactly? If they are threatening your well-being, let the cops know.

They say the opposite of love isn’t hate but indifference. While the messages are annoying I don’t think you are in any danger. She contacted you though you were closed and then cancelled? She probably wasn’t in the hospital she’s just a spoiled brat used to getting whatever she wants. I’d just ignore her.

Her harassment of you is in violation of the TOS for sure if it is through ABB platform. Or is it private email?


If your are being sent “harassing” messages, that also qualifies as Cyber , which many states and municipalities are taking VERY seriously. Call your local PD to find out how/where to report the situation. Hopefully you have saved these harassing messages, but even if you haven’t, report this to the authorities.

Did you ever try to get a professional advice about this? Maybe you can try to find a legal advisor and find someone who can give you the best advice, because I think it’s quite serious. Try to read this one also: http://definitions.uslegal.com/c/cyber-harassment/

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