OK, Cleaning Mavens -- Tattoo Ink?

My great guests (who coped admirably with fans when my A/C blower motor died) left a message “So sorry about the pillow case. Brand new tattoo. I tried washing it but couldn’t get it out.”
So, stain treatment for black tattoo ink?
Looks like a nice one, faint outline of roses about 4x4 inches on the case!

Hairspray! Good cheap Aquanet or something.

I’ve had a few tattoo ink stains (a lot of tattoo shops here). First time it happened, once I figured out what it was, I called a tattoo shop. Worked like a charm.


Ah, what did I use? I think I started with Genesis 950. Maybe also goo gone. Dawn liquid. Treat, soak, rinse several times before washing. It did come out whatever I used. LOL. NVM, JJD got you covered. Of course I have no AquaNet here so I’d be trying other things first so I didn’t have to go to the store.

After a few times, I just started stocking a can of hairspray in the apartments. Some guests really like that it’s in there because it’s hard to travel with (big aerosol can) and it adds to the amenities - they don’t know that it’s really in there so I can treat the ink as I strip the bed :slight_smile:


Hairspray is a good choice. It’s the alcohol in the hairspray that is the solvent. If you need to soak something ink stained, rubbing alcohol will do the trick but remember it evaporates quickly (so why drying agent in hairspray). Alcohol based hand sanitizer is another option.

This works for Sharpie stains too.

My parents were school teachers. All of Dad’s shirt pockets had blue or red ink stains.

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I had a tattoo stain in the spring. It came out by liberally spraying it with hairspray, blotting, rinsing, saturating it with dawn and then giving a wash.