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Oh boy, I'm a SUPERHOST 😮


Hosting for a mere 6 weeks, baked some cookies for the guests and whaddya know? Got the badge to prove it. I increased my rates to what the suggested rates showed (yes, raised) and still no hits for several days. So, I sucked it up and turned on IB and WHAM! Within a few hours received a 5 day booking for Feb, and a 4 day MLK holiday weekend booked. Both at my increased (slightly rates). Not a fan of IB, and not sure I’m a fan of Superhosting. What do y’all think of this status?

Back to the store to buy cookie mix. :sunny:


being a superhost doesn’t mean much at all to the aveage airbnb guest. its almost just a thing to show off between hosts. IB is always going to give you more bookings not superhost!


Also its not very nice on the months when you don’t make super host status because airbnb sends you a message telling you you’ve been “demoted” and you lost your award, you should try harder, etc…
Getting told I lost an award I didn’t even apply for in the first place, after all I do for my guests, is not news I really need to hear.


haha yes its so silly isn’t it?


Super Host has no meaning for guests and it does feel horrible when you get dinged because of ridiculous categories like location which is something you cannot do anything about! We have always supplied homemade cookies as a welcome to our guests and we have received so many compliments- do yourself a favor make a large batch from scratch - they taste better and are cost effective and freeze the dough in quantities for baking 8 or 10 cookies at a time and you shall always have some on hand!
I have asked many of my guests if they noticed I am a super host and they all say “what is that” - oh well!


What is IB? It is not something I know about.


only thing that matters is cash in the bank. now that’s SUPER!!!


IB is Instant Booking -


I disagree somewhat that SH has no value. When I was a guest searching for my own bnb room to stay in, seeing the SH badge was comforting. As if it was a safe bet that Id be in a good home. Like the seal of Good Housekeeping magazine :wink:


Of course it helps to be a Superhost. It tells the customer you’re on top of your game. Therefore it brings more customers over the year. It also makes you feel good and that’s always a good thing :grinning:


Perhaps SH attracts more experienced guests? I have mostly had brand new AirBnB guests book with me, as a new host without the SH badge. I assumed the experienced guests were booking with experienced hosts. Unless most AirBnB guests are new, now that the site has caught on more.


My current guests booked after I attained SH status. They read my profile, believe it or not. They are college educated, young 20-somethings and I can tell they care to be in a decent place so they’re willing to pay the slightly higher rate I am now charging ($56 for holiday rate plus $7 cleaning fee). I do agree with others wh have posted in this forum that the reviews help elevate credibility and I think the SH status (along w price increase) brings a better class of guest.

Let’s hope it continues.

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