Offering Breakfast hampers - Best way to receive payment?

We are thinking of offering breakfast hampers to our guests they can order the night before, sort of like room service. We would charge a certain amount per hamper and have a few different options and then deliver it to the guests at a time of their choosing.

Has anyone tried this or something similar? Just wondering what would be the best way to get payment from the guests. Can you just request additional funds and add it to their stay total?

Cash or e-funds transfer, payment with order, not on delivery. PayPal if you don’t do etransfer.

What is a hamper in this context? The only way I have ever used this word as with laundry as in laundry hamper.

I think she means a picnic hamper.

Hamper as in like a basket of food with breakfast supplies etc

As part of the guests experience at our Poolside Cabana, I make the guests full prepared breakfasts each morning. There are over a dozen items on the menu which they can choose from, but there are three items which are “takeaway” – Savory Breakfast Muffins, Scotch Eggs, and a Spanish Tortilla de Patata.

For us, the price of breakfast is simply rolled into the per night rental fee. During High Season we charge $97 per night and during the low summer season we charge $65 per night. I have the costs of materials for each breakfast broken down, and my most expensive breakfast-for-two is $5.13. To buy equivalent breakfasts at nearby restaurants would cost you $18-25 and I offer items which most restaurants simply don’t even think about.

For a once-in-awhile thing, I would charge either cash or Paypal.


I thought the Airbnb Resolution Centre was the obvious way of asking a guest more money for whatever stay-related reason?

This has worked quite well for me, including when I used to offer guests cooked breakfast for a charge.

If the host charges for breakfast via the Airbnb Resolution Center, the guest will have to pay Airbnb fees for the breakfast.

We just charge cash and don’t add anything to the actual cost of the food. This is my sneaky way of subverting Spanish TVA (sales tax).

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Ah, but given the current state of alleged corruption in the Spanish government, I don’t think Sr. Rajoy will bother too much about me!


Maybe the corruption can work for good and oust Colau!!!