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Offering Amentity Packages for a Fee?



Does anyone offer an amenity type package that they charge an extra fee for? Such as a package for honeymooners that would include such things as champagne/his & her gifts. I have also heard of hosts offering a cannabis amenity package in places where this is legal. I am considering offering both and wanted to hear from others.


I’ve considered something similar, so I’ll be curious what response you get here!

A couple “girlfriend groups” have mentioned that it would be fun to have supplies for facials or pedicures. The idea of spilt nailpolish gives me the vapors, so the pedicure party is probably a no-go for me :wink: but I can see lots of other options.

How were you considering doing your cannabis package?
Would it actually contain MJ? Does that put you in danger of being considered a seller?
Michigan just passed a recreational use act, but they’re expecting it will take about a year to create the legal framework for sales. In the meantime some entrepreneurs are using the act’s “gifting” loophole. They’re selling something like chocolate or a bag of munchies at an inflated price that includes a “free gift” of cannabis. Interesting approach, but that seems a pretty liberal interpretation of “gift”!

I haven’t hosted since recreational use became legal here and not sure to what degree I’ll embrace it. Are you in one of the states that’s had it for a while? Do you notice any increased issue from guests smoking MJ over those drinking?


I personally would not offer pot or alcohol. Firstly, I do not allow smoking. Secondly, I’m afraid that if they’re high or drunk, they can cause damage to the property. I offer a basket of fruit, cookies and gourmet coffee.


Obviously a sex toy party with spare batteries would be a good choice.


Oh. God.

Can you imagine the laundry conversations we’d have on here? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I’ve said here a few times (okay, a few hundred) that personally, I don’t like to charge for any special treats for guests. For honeymooners, guests celebrating an anniversary etc. I supply a bottle of fizz and a few red roses ‘on the house’. As I leave a bottle of wine and fresh flowers for all guests anyway, this is simply a variation on what’s normal.

If I’ve realised that guests are here for any particular reason, then given time, I’ll tailor various things in the rentals to their interests if possible.

I too want to know about the cannabis amenity package - intriguing.


“20% discount if you are happy with previously used (but well cleaned) items”

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