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Off topic: I am completely

The popular vote determines who the electors vote for. States can vary in how they determine that but at this time 48 states have a winner take all system based on who wins the popular vote in the state.

The electors can not just arbitrarily change the outcome based on political pressure at the last minute.

It’s a relic of slavery and non democratic beliefs and we need to get rid of it.


I vote for Heather Richardson as well, she is very thorough and looks from many angles, mostly historic.

I also have family members who wished or think that Dt won and think that Rush Limbaugh was a great patriot!! :(( They are otherwise ok , actually.

I try to remember how I felt when Dt won, and maybe those that supported him will feel that way forever… but I’m not holding my breath on that topic.

I’m just glad that having some accomplished and experienced leadership of any kind is a life force and growing, hopefully.

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Thank you, I appreciate your prompt reply.

I too, am delighted with the change!
I would wake up and watch the news to see what DT had said overnight and realised that I have been living with low level stress for the last 4 years… terribly worried about the potential damage that could happen
And I live about as far as you can get from the USA, I think I would have an ulcer if I lived any closer.


“Low-level” stress? Ha-ha. More like hair-tearing, mind-warping, scream-level agita.


Right after the election I realized that I was drinking quite a bit less. Now I need to get those extra pounds, especially of the last 1.5 years back off.

I like the way Biden is getting on with the job and doesn’t appear to be caught up in Donny Baby’s carry on (baby as in spitting his dummy).
One can only wait and see.

Does that slavery shadow still affect people?
I’m thinking yes.

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Absolutely. Systemic racism is at the core of our system including many elements of our Constitution which were a nod to slavery, like that Electoral College you asked about.


Under normal circumstances, it is a formality that the electoral college “actually votes”. This is the first election I am aware of where the losing candidate very publicly tried to coerce Electors to violate this sacred trust.

@KKC is correct and this makes an interesting read: t.ly/wBo9

The traditional method of repeal (Constitutional Amendment) is essentially impossible. t.ly/QO8b

An alternative solution in the works: National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPVIC). This would be GREAT. It is long overdue that every vote is equal.

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