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Odd issue that’s not really an issue, but


Hi Natalie I think people were just trying to help you to prevent this from happening again.

I think the only thing you could do is mentioning it in the review saying “the guest helped themselves to X hours earlier check in without persmission”. Explain to the guest that it bothered you and he shouldnt do it again in private feedback.

Theres no point confronting him while he is there because he might leave a bad review.?! Also, he cant take it back and any excuse will be invalid for example “oh Sorry I didnt know” “oh I didnt check in I just dropped my bag”.

Also block him in case he wanted to book again.


We live in Michigan and have a vacation rental in Hawaii. My husband did a lot of research on coded keypad door locks and found one that works great. It has thousands of pre-programmed codes. You just go on their website and put in the dates of check-in/out and your check-in/out times and it spits out the code specific for that guest. You never have to worry about people taking advantage of having a code days/months before they arrive because the code is only good for that specific period of time that you’ve entered for your guest.

It’s called erentallock.com. Check it out. It’s an expensive Schlege lock but well worth it. Also, not WiFi.


Mark him down on communication, and private message why - he didn’t let you know he HAd arrived early and left his luggage!


We have 3 cancellations since 2013. We were paid fairly through the moderate option each time.


Only 3, that’s pretty low!! I just can’t decide.


I have way too many guests to manage this, but I can see it working for other people.


The one on my house links directly with Airbnb, Resort Lock. I don’t have to do anything, the minute the guest books they get an email with the code direct from Resort Lock that let’s them check in at the allotted time and stops working after check out.

The villas I manage have to be changed manually, so we only do it once a month.


I had an assistant once who had the nicest way about her and was always graciously firm. I have trouble with that. As we used to joke, she could tell someone to “go to hell” and they’d enjoy the trip.

Reading this, I’m kinda glad we don’t use self check ins. They get a key to the door when they check in. And since it’s in our actual home, we ask for specific check in times (e.g. what is your general ETA) so that we can be there when they arrive.

Just this week we had guests who had arrived at 2. Our check in time is 3 and they texted me saying they were here but would wait until 3 to check in! LOL. The room was ready and I told them to of course come on in.

But I’m still struggling with adding firmness to niceness, and vice versa.

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