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October 2018 Global Host Q&A



Anyone else see the “October 2018 Global Host Q&A” posted in the Airbnb Community? There seems to be an issue with the video at the moment (or it could just be my over zealous internet protection, which says that there isn’t a valid security certificate), but you can still read the top 8 questions and answers. Definitely subjects touched on at this forum. I found the answers to #2, 3 and 8 particularly interesting…

  1. What is Airbnb doing to better support hosts if things go wrong?
  2. Can Airbnb protect hosts from one-off bad reviews?
  3. Can Airbnb make it easier to contact customer service?

Here is the link:


#3 didn’t have a solution as of yet. I don’t recall the ABB employee name but she asked for feedback on this issue and stated that there are ideas in the works.
That question got side tracked to location reviews.
Also if a guest gave 5 stars for cleanless, value etc
And then put in 2 for overall (accidentally? ) the rating system would flag that and alert the guest to take a look at the overall review stars again.

I did enjoy watching the video overall.


I don’t watch them because they are just a dog and pony show. Nothing changes except my life is a little shorter afterwards.


I wish they’d just post a transcript. I’m an old millennial; I don’t want to watch a video when I can skim and scroll.


would you prefer that for podcasts as well?


I certainly would. I can read faster than people on Podcasts can talk by a wide margin.


Yes. I prefer to read transcripts of podcasts; it is easier to skim. I’m the only person under 40 I know who listens to talk radio instead of podcasts.


Because I write every word I say on my solo episodes, I have that on my site. I will try to get the episodes with guests transcribed and uploaded.

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