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Occupancy Tax Radio Button on Airbnb app web browser for listing Host



Airbnb should add the occupancy tax button for Host to add the county and city occupancy tax. Airbnb got it wrong when the implemented the collection of State occupancy tax here in Texas last year. Airbnb started collecting state occupancy tax not the county and city.

The issue is that they just labeled it occupancy tax, Not “State Occupancy Tax” So when we ask the guest for county and city tax they think we are trying to rip them off. Even though we have it posted on the listing.

They need to specify and label it state occupancy tax that they the guest is paying and add 2 more tax button for the host to be able to put in the county and city occupancy tax, so it can go into the bank and we do not have to collect money from guest on check-in.

This should have been done for host a long time ago.
I have had guest cancel because of this. This is not hard to do, and can be setup per zip code when we add new listings.

I know other vacation rental sites offer this for their host… And Airbnb provides this for other cities in Cal, New York, why not Airbnb host in Texas and other states.

Maybe I missed it when they just announced the swiping changes to Airbnb app web browser.

Any feedback would be helpful.

Thank you


You may want to address them directly with this idea. We are a private forum with no affiliation with them.
Despite having a similar logo! :grin:

But my two cents is that they don’t do the line items for taxes because they mean to be collecting them automatically for as many jurisdictions as possible. I disclose all over the place that I will need to collect their tax in person on my payout. Which is less for them than on the total payout.

I have my license number showing as required by the state and I say it a million ways so they cannot miss it.

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