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Obtain Full Name of Each Guest

I only ever see the main account holder’s name. All this talk of only allowing registered guests, but as far as I can tell there is no way to view who is listed on the reservation.

Is there any way to view the names of each guest?

I have been wondering this same thing due to many forum posts saying that Air’s insurance only covers guests on the reservation.

Well…what about if you don’t charge for children under 2? And let’s say you charge $10 per person after two guests?

Parents make a reservation for themselves, their 10 year old, and an infant. So reservation is for 3 guests instead of 4…because you don’t want to charge for the infant.

Do some hosts then ask guest to change number to 4, but then send a special offer to remove the charge for the 4th person??

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As a host you can modify the number of guests in a reservation without changing the price, I have done that several times.

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Well that is good to know! So I take it you have an extra person fee then?

I remote list a whole house. Been doing it on other sites for many years. I constantly learn from this forum. I use a contract (revised for Airbnb) and I allow up to 6 people. At the bottom of the contract, below the signature line for the main account holder I have ‘additional guests’ and 5 lines to fill in the names. I don’t think there is any other way to find out the names.

If you need the name of the other guests (and don’t use IB) I imagine that you could ask for the details before you approve the guests. However, I have found that plans change. In the past I’ve had several guests who initially were coming with one friend but then end up coming with another (for whatever reason).

I don’t ask guests who the other person is (our apartment only sleeps two) because it’s the person who books who is responsible, after all.

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