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Observation of American guests


I don’t think you need to apologize. There are like 5000+ threads about Chinese guests and I always find it hilarious when someone actually wants to discuss American guests and all of a sudden every topic related to American-ism is hands off subject matter.


I think it’s ok to discuss cultural differences without using it as a shield to be openly racist. You just have to understand that people from different cultures have different ways of doing things and sometimes you have to step back and remember that when it seems like someone is being rude.


I have a bench inside my front door. People who are familiar with the custom of removing shoes automatically know to sit on the bench to remove their shoes, and place their shoes under the bench. Those unfamiliar with the custom just put their purse or coat on the bench. I’m okay either way, since the floors get cleaned between guests.

When I lived in Hawaii, everyone always removed their shoes, but it was much easier because we rarely wore lace-up shoes.


No offence intended but such logic makes me laugh. It’s really not based on any evidence. You really think that you’ll have less bacteria, germs etc on your floors from someone with shoes they wore in their carpeted office or concrete pavement than someone with foot fungus, tinea and toe rot walking directly on your polished floors???

Not to mention their slippers they have work god knows where, including your own kitchen and bathroom with salmonella, ecoli etc unobservable to the naked eye.


This makes me laugh. We all have the places in our heads where the germs lurk.

You’ve seen the threads where washing the top bed layers (duvet/comforter/quilt etc) was debated. Another that has me chuckling is the washing dishes in a bathroom sink. Also drying dishes with a dishtowel vs airdrying. Then there’s how many towels a guest needs and how clean a used towel is.

One thing that’s changed since I became a host is my view of the humble toilet paper roll. I now put a fresh, unused roll for every guest. Yet most hosts don’t think twice about leaving the partially used roll for the next guest, or maybe just folding the edge like the hotels do. My thinking is this. The guest is using the toilet with hands of questionable cleanliness, and touches the TP then touches the dirty nether regions and perhaps touches the TP roll several more times. Then they wash their hands, we hope. That tainted roll is then left for the next guest.

I’m not too particular about germs so I take the used rolls to use in my bathroom, just removing the top layer of paper and tossing it. In my mind this extra step costs nothing extra yet gives the impression of a new, clean, unused bathroom. The guest might not even consciously realize or appreciate that it’s an unused roll.


Yep, just another subliminal technique in the arsenal :grinning:


I do the same with the used loo rolls! Up to recently I only used my old worn towels and duvet covers, but now I think what the heck, I am going to buy myself some nice new ones to use. Why should the guests get only the best!


I board dogs in my home and allow them on the bed with me so there’s no point in my having nice things for myself as long as that continues. I wouldn’t trade it though. The time will come when I can’t care for them any longer and then there will be plenty of time for nice linens.


I understand. I have a non shedding cockapoo, who is cleaner than most of the guests I must say, but boarding lovely doggies would trump nice linens for me too. I have infinitely more patience for pups than people most of the time!


I’m sure Adrienne is entitled to her opinion, based on her experiences


As am I. Your constant animosity towards me is getting pretty boring


your constant animosity is boring


I didn’t mean to create animosity among hosts. Maybe it’s my upbringing but I really don’t like people keeping their street shoes indoors. If they don’t like they can book someone else. I have no pets in the house and I am adamant that street shoes will bring in more dirt. Personally I have not met a single person with feet fungus in my 50 years of existence, but germs, dog feces and other gazillion germs plus a ton of mud can be carried in my home any day at any time if I allow street shoes in. So sorry. You guys do whatever you please but I wont allow street shoes in. Period.


I’m in the UK. I have to say the shoe thing baffles me. We wear our normal shoes everywhere inside the house. We’ve had visitors who take shoes off at the door, but it always catches us unawares as it’s just not something that’s on our radar.


I’m American and I was taught to take my shoes off in the house but then again I’ve always lived in houses with carpet. :slight_smile:


Points taken, but there is still the recommended Yes or No buttons that I actually do use. I have to say that I always thought that no review from either guest or host was published unless both responded, and that’s always been my experience. I’ve never seen a review from any guest that I had not reviewed and vice versa, but as a fairly new host I am probably not correct. I don’t host full time.


This isn’t a matter of speculation based on your experience but a matter of stated Airbnb policy. So not probably but definitely. I’d hate for anyone to be confused reading this thread.


Guests are more likely to review you if you review them first I think. Since they can’t see your review unless they do one of their own they get curious to see what you said.



The Whole Foods in my city is one block from the hospital! So yep doctors shop there.


I have a puppy who is being difficult to house train. You don’t need track dog poop on your shoes into my house…for a little while longer, we occasionally have a natural supply. (Dog & cat lovers will understand the 3 p’s of pet ownership: Poop, pee & puke)

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